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NI 477 - Big oil RIP? - November, 2014 Big oil RIP? Jess Worth 1 November 2014 NI 476 - Cuba - October, 2014 Cuba Vanessa Baird 1 October 2014 NI 475 - Gold trouble - September, 2014 Gold trouble Richard Swift 1 September 2014 NI 474 - Feminism fights back - July, 2014 Feminism fights back Hazel Healy 1 July 2014

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NI 451 - Adapt or die - April, 2012 Adapt or die Hazel Healy 1 April 2012

Latest feature articles

The feature articles from each of the latest New Internationalist magazines.

Leave the oil in the soil! Indigenous representatives from communities resisting oil extraction all over the world marched together at the front of the recent 400,000-strong New York climate march.

Ending the oil age

Change is coming. Jess Worth examines whether growing pressure for divestment and disruption can knock Big Oil off its perch.

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Behind the vintage taxi is one of Havana’s new Japanese-made co-operative buses. And behind that – the city’s iconic Capitolio, also being renovated.

A new Cuba in the making

The communist island is opening up for business. Vanessa Baird begins an investigation into what's going on - and what it means.

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Hey, big spender! China’s first gold vending machine – it dispenses coins and bars – landed in busy Wangfujing Street, Beijing, in 2011. Each withdrawal is capped at a million yuan (about US$162,000) worth of gold.

Stop the gold rush

Richard Swift argues that our appetite for the shiny metal is both pointless and dangerous.

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Girls strike a pose for an advert for GoldieBox. One of the companies bucking the gendered toy divide, it makes engineering toys for girls.

Is there a feminist spring?

Women’s rights has got its mojo back – and not a minute too soon. Hazel Healy takes stock of the challenges ahead.

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Talking about a revolution

Jo Lateu explains why the world's minority languages matter for all of us - and why we should be fighting for their survival.

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Men from Baseco, a slum in the port area of Manila, the Philippines, show their scars from kidney sales in a photograph from 1999.

Perpetual scars

A forensic examination of the persistent problem of trafficking vulnerable people for their organs, and what it would take to stamp it out, by Nancy Scheper-Hughes.

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From the archives

A selection of articles from the New Internationalist magazine archives.

Detaining migrants - The Facts

The facts and figures on the movement, freedom, costs and damage of detaining migrants around the world.

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Top: people in a makeshift camp in Chocó province seeking to return to land controlled by paramilitary-linked businesses; a street scene in Silvia, near Popayan, in the south, where there is a higher proportion of indigenous people. Middle: the capital, Bogotá, is famous for its graffiti;  but the smog-bound vista on the right shows its high-rise centre and how it sprawls. Bottom: tourism potential on the Caribbean coast; a quiet moment in Chocó province; ‘safe journey’ is the message from the army, which has made the roads secure but at a cost to human rights.

Country Profile: Colombia

The facts, figures, flag and photos from Colombia.

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