The Utne Reader magazine Alternative Press Awards
Major awards have included:-

The Utne Reader magazine Alternative Press Awards

The Alternative Press Awards are selected by the editors of Utne Reader magazine to "honour independent efforts that provide bold, innovative, thought-provoking alternatives to mass media fare." New Internationalist won the inaugural 1989 award for International Coverage.

Since then, the magazine has won the Alternative Press Award for 'Best International Coverage' seven times, including the 2013 award. In the year 2000 the New Internationalist also won the highly valued readers' poll.

In 1998 the New Internationalist was selected as the winner of the 'General Excellence Award' for magazines with a circulation over 50,000.

In presenting the 1998 award, the editors of Utne Reader noted:

"New Internationalist is an ongoing education and a monthly reminder of our common humanity. A wonderful readable guide to the social and political forces that shape our world...With its hard-hitting coverage of world affairs, evocative first-person essays, sweeping exposes of such topics as land mines and the geopolitics of blue jeans, the New Internationalist offers a consistently unique and important perspective on global culture."

Amnesty Human Rights Media Award 2012

Vanessa Baird won the Consumer Magazine category with her Nature’s Defenders magazine published in October 2011. She traveled deep into the Peruvian Amazon to report on how indigenous peoples are fighting dams in their ancestral lands, and up into the highlands to report on fierce resistance to mining companies.

Media Peace Prize

by the United Nations Association

This prize is given for an outstanding contribution to world peace and development.

Paul Hoffman Prize

by the United Nations Development Programme

Also given for NI's outstanding contribution to world development.

What do people say about The New Internationalist Magazine?

"For many years I have read the NI with great respect. Many an article I have written, and film I have made, have had their roots in something I read in the NI."
John Pilger, journalist

"New Internationalist is a magazine well worth reading as it respects the intelligence of its readers. It is independent, lively and properly provocative, helping to keep its readers abreast of important developments in parts of our globe that risk marginalisation. Read it!."
Desmond M Tutu, Archbishop of Cape Town

"One of the most profound magazines"
Anita Roddick - Founder and Co-chair of The Body Shop

"It helps keep me in touch with the earth and all its people"
Jonathon Porritt - environmentalist

"The Education Web Guide team were particularly impressed by the quality and educational content"
BBC Education Web Guide

"It explains and clarifies all the confusions and contradictions we encounter daily in the media's international news coverage"
Julie Christie - actress

"The New Internationalist is a world leader in communicating development, environmental and social justice issues. It is a publication designed to lift the consciousness of people around the world for a sustainable and peaceful future. Also in pursuit of an equal and just world, Amnesty International is proud to be associated with the New Internationalist."
Amnesty International

"Maintains an easy lead as the most readable, interesting, controversial and informative magazine on questions of development"
World Council of Churches