Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg  (centre) and friends play with virtual reality gear at a high-level gathering earlier this year.Photo: Kay Nietfield/Reuters

Smiley-faced monopolists

Does it matter that Google, Facebook and Amazon are so successful? Vanessa Baird examines what their domination means for all of us.

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Portent of doom: a penguin covered in oil following a spill off the coast of South Africa.Photo: Martin Harvey/Alamy Stock Photo

The duty to care for our common home

Femke Wijdekop makes the case for Ecocide to become a crime under international law.

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Whether it's done by secret police or computer algorithms, being stripped of privacy is fundamentally dehumanizing.Photo: Newarpp/Thinkstock

I spy with my little algorithm

Everybody wants your private data. Bruce Schneier on how surveillance has become the business model of the internet.

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Journey's End

Chris Brazier returns to the village in Burkina Faso that he has visited every 10 years since helping to make a film there in 1985.

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Illustration: Carol Del Angel/Alamy Stock Photo

Blinded by 'technology'

For all the fancy packaging, many of our gadgets have nothing to do with capitalist success stories. Bob Hughes explains.

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Expressing a gender spectrum on their face – a trans person takes part in the 2015 Korea Queer Festival, held in Seoul.Kim Hong-Ji/Reuters

The trans revolution

It’s in the air – and calling for a mindset reset. Vanessa Baird tracks the course of transgender rights and their liberating potential for us all.

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Photo: Brian D. Bumby/Alamy Stock Photo

Trump can be beaten because he is the Establishment

We must respond with a genuine vision for ending the corrupt politics of privilege, writes Mark Engler.

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A resistance gathering in the West Papuan highlands.Photo: Dominic Brown

Morning star rising

After 54 years of struggle under Indonesian rule, is freedom finally in sight for West Papua? Danny Chivers investigates.

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Just too dear: sometimes despite energy being available it can be unaffordable. This mother in  Soweto, South Africa, protests against the prices of state utility Eskom.Photo: Siphiwe Sibeko/Reuters

The energy fix

What will it take to get electricity to Africa’s rural poor? Ruth Nyambura explores.

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Young girls protect themselves from thick smoke as forest fires swept across Sumatra and Borneo in September 2015. The fires are set to clear the jungle to plant oil palms. Photo: Sijori Images/ZUMA Wire/Alamy

A burning problem

It happens every year: thousands of hectares of Indonesian rainforest are torched to clear land for palm oil, timber and other agribusiness operations. It’s a perfect storm of destruction. Nithin Coca reports from Sumatra.

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The Equality Effect

The political landscape may seem particularly bleak at present. But, if we stand back and look at the bigger picture, the dominance of rightwing populists and neoliberal policies is likely to be a temporary blip. The evidence is mounting that greater economic equality benefits all people in all societies, whether you are rich, poor or in-between. Once this is widely understood, politicians and policymakers will be forced to take note, as Danny Dorling explains.

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The river of Aikwa, once a local water source, now turned thick and silver by tailings from Freeport’s Grasberg mine.Photo: Susan Schulman

Sacrifice Zone: BP, Freeport and the West Papuan independence struggle

Connor Woodman reveals the ties that bind transnational mining companies to the Indonesian occupation.

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