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Do Romani lives matter?

When Stanislav Tomáš died in police custody in similar circumstances to George Floyd, the world quickly moved on. Conrad Landin goes to the Czech Republic in search of answers.

Police officers are pinning a bare-chested man to the ground. One officer exerts pressure on the man’s legs, while another places his knee upon the man’s neck. A thi...

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A note from the editor

Conrad Landin

Conrad Landin

Te Aven Bachtale

I, like so many others, have Zoom fatigue. But every Tuesday evening since September, I’ve been genuinely excited to log on to a beginners’ class in Romanes. Te aven bachtale conveys a profoundly respectful ‘good day’.

I’ve also just learned the colours of the rainbow. The lesson offered an extraordinary...


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NI 535 - Romani lives matter - January, 2022 Romani lives matter Conrad Landin 1 January 2022 NI 534 - The future of work - November, 2021 The future of work Dinyar Godrej 1 November 2021 NI 533 - Food justice: who gets to eat? - September, 2021 Food justice: who gets to eat? Hazel Healy 1 September 2021

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NI 508 - Clampdown! Criminalizing dissent - December, 2017 Clampdown! Criminalizing dissent Richard Swift 1 December 2017

Recent feature articles

A selection of feature articles from each of the latest New Internationalist magazines.

 Far out. Fishers haul in their catch some 60 kilometres off the coast of Saint Louis, Senegal. They report travelling further, for longer, to catch ever-dwindling amounts of sardinella. Photo: Alfredo Caliz/Panos Pictures

The disappearing Senegalese sardines

Why is a nutritious superfood being routed away from poor communities to feed salmon, pigs and pets? Hazel Healy investigates.

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 Another chunk of the Amazon rainforest goes up in smoke. In the last 10 years alone, 38,600 km2 (equal to 8.4 million football fields) has been deforested for ranching, logging, soy and oil-palm cultivation. Photo: Loren McIntyre/Stock Connection Blue/Alamy

The case for nature

We have brought the natural world and its diversity to a breaking point. Dinyar Godrej surveys the damage and explores how we need to act to repair it.

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Albertina is 15 and the oldest of three sisters. When her mother died she took over responsibility for raising her younger siblings. Now she wants to become a nurse. Photo: Chris de Bode/Panos

The hidden debt of care

Covid-19 has pushed the world’s caregivers to the limit and beyond. Amy Hall explains how their work continues to be undermined and undervalued.

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Place markers ahead of the Bandung Conference, 1955. Photo: Howard Sochurek / Getty

Worlds apart

Yohann Koshy returns to the golden age of solidarity between Global South states and asks: what should a new internationalism look like?

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Like a scene from a blockbuster epic on trash: people search for pickings in the Indonesian capital Jakarta's Bantar Gebang dump. Over 60 per cent of the waste is organic and could be composted, but there is no large-scale sorting of refuse, making it much harder to manage. Photo: Bay Ismoyo/AFP/Getty

Modern life is rubbish

The dirt on waste. Dinyar Godrej argues that the problems with our throwaway society add up to much more than the sum of individual actions.

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Fighting for their livelihoods: Puerto Rican teachers come out against the government’s drive to privatize public education. Photo: Ricardo Arduengo/AFP/Getty Images

The case for public ownership

After decades of denuding privatization policies, the green shoots of a public takeback are finally appearing. Dinyar Godrej on the promise and the threat.

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From the archives

A selection of articles from the New Internationalist magazine archives.

Illicit crops are still the only option for farmers like Arnulfo Perdomo. Photo: Shahidul Alam/DRIK

War on coca farmers continues

Inside the deeply-rooted economy of cocaine production and trafficking in Colombia, and how it might undermine Colombia’s peace. Bram Ebus reports.

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Reasons to be cheerful

Reasons to be cheerful

Amazon defenders; Palmed off; Quitting time!

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 Photo: Anna Boyiazis

Learn to swim

The Panje Project in Zanzibar.

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Mixed Media: Film

Mixed Media: Film

Mandabi directed and written by Ousmane Sembène; Sweat directed and written by Magnus von Horn.

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Mixed Media: Books

Mixed Media: Books

Theatre of War by Andrea Jeftanovic;  Untraceable  by Sergei Lebedev; How to Blow Up a Pipeline by Andreas Malm; Imagining Orwell by Julio Etchart.

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 Photo: Kenglorhy_studios

Spotlight: DJ Switch

Subi Shah interviews 13 year-old Erica Armah-Bra Bulu Tandoh, aka DJ Switch.

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 Illustration: Sarah John

The city inside you

Letter from Johannesburg. Yewande Omotoso ponders how belonging to a city goes beyond the bald fact of living in it.

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 Photo: Goldman Environmental Prize

Making Waves: Prafulla Samantara

The Indian human rights defender who stopped a mining giant in its tracks speaks with Veronique Mistiaen.

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Riek Machar (left) and Salva Kiir (right) sit for an official photo. Picture: Albert Gonzalez Farran/AFP/Getty Images

Worldbeaters: Sava Kiir Mayardit and Riek Machar

Richard Swift takes aim at Sava Kiir Mayardit and Riek Machar, once friends but now foes at the pinnacle of violent South Sudanese politics.

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(clockwise from top left): Rubberneckers view the damaged vehicles following the crash of a fuel tanker on the Kara Bridge in Lagos; a runner poses with students during the Lagos Women Run; 10-year-old Ruth Bitrus, whose parents were killed by Boko Haram following the invasion of her hometown, Michika; women from waterfront communities under threat of eviction for property development confront Lagos police. Photos: Majority World: Adeyinka Yusuf; Adeyinka Yusuf; Immanuel Ofolabi; Osakpolor Omoregie.

Country profile: Nigeria

The photos, facts, and politics of Nigeria.

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Colombia Protests. Illustration: Zach

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Colombia Protests by Zach (Philippines)

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