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Betrayed again

Under the cover of Covid-19, Turkey is hammering the Kurds. Again. Should the world care? Vanessa Baird offers several good reasons why it should.

Almost exactly 100 years ago – 20 August 1920 to be precise – the victors of the First World War promised the Kurds a homeland.

Within three years that pledg...

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A note from the editor

Vanessa Baird

Vanessa Baird

The Kurds and Covid-19

Usually there’s no discussion about it. The Big Story, the main theme of the magazine, is what goes on the cover.

But, in the midst of the current global pandemic, it seemed strange not to give greater prominence to our coverage of Covid-19.

Should that not be the ...


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NI 508 - Clampdown! Criminalizing dissent - December, 2017 Clampdown! Criminalizing dissent Richard Swift 1 December 2017

Recent feature articles

A selection of feature articles from each of the latest New Internationalist magazines.

A young boy wears a gas mask to protect himself from the fumes during a fire in Kibera, the largest slum in Nairobi, Kenya.Photo: Donwilson Odhiambo/Sopa Images/Lightrocket via Getty Images

To protect life

Covid-19 has shown us that swift action on global health is possible, even if it still falls short. What could we achieve, asks Amy Hall, if we took an urgent approach to air pollution, another widespread killer?

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There’s still time to mitigate the worst effects of climate change. Can we pull it off?Photo: Sandra Kaas/Unsplash

Habitable Earth

There’s still time to mitigate the worst effects of climate change. Can we pull it off? Hazel Healy makes the case for conditional optimism.

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A student looks out from the remains of a classroom destroyed by Boko Haram in Maiduguri, northeast Nigeria.Photo: pius utomi expei / AFTP / GETTY IMAGES

Out of the ruins

Can peacebuilders end the war with Boko Haram in Nigeria? Hazel Healy travels there to find out.

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J’accuse: protests and riots rage for days after Keith Lamont Scott is shot dead by police in Charlotte, North Carolina, September 2016.Photo: Sean Rayford / Getty Images

A challenge to power

Black Lives Matter and a new generation of activism has the potential to reawaken the global fight for black liberation, argues Amy Hall.

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In the US, police often decide who has the right to demonstrate and who doesn’t. In this case riot police in Durham, North Carolina form an armed phalanx to control people attempting to protest against a white nationalist rally.Photo: Jason Miczek / Reuters

Whose streets?

The current clampdown on popular rights mirrors a profound malaise with our system of top-down political representation, argues Richard Swift.

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A child practises writing the days of the week on the wall of her house in Meme, Cameroon. Photo: Chris de Bode / Panos

Back to the drawing board

The Right has captured education all over the world. Hazel Healy makes the case for how to do things differently.

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From the archives

A selection of articles from the New Internationalist magazine archives.

A Muslim boy inspects a broken window after a mosque was vandalized in Kandy, Sri Lanka on 10 March 2018.Photo: CrowdSpark/Alamy Live News

Fears for Muslim communities

Phil Miller on fearing for Muslim communities in Sri Lanka.

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And f**k off they did

And f**k off they did

In May 2018, a group of 15 mostly Peruvian workers decided enough was enough...

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Mixed Media: Film

Mixed Media: Film

Parasite; No Fathers in Kashmir.

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Mixed media: Books

Can We Feed the World Without Destroying It?; Deviation; Tentacle; Voices of the Windrush Generation.

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Mixed media: music

Louise Gray reviews The Medicine Show by Melissa Etheridge and Play Wooden Child by Nodding God.

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Illustration: Sarah John

The bangle seller

Parsa Sanjana Sajid has been buying her colourful wares for over a decade, but behind the fragile ornaments is a life consumed by work.

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Photo: courtesy of Gina Lopez

Making Waves: Gina Lopez

The Philippines’ maverick environmentalist fighting the powerful mining industry, speaks with Veronique Mistiaen.

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Photo: Agencia Brasil/Alamy Stock Photo

Worldbeaters: Michel Temer

Brazil’s oldest president – and architect of his predecessor’s downfall – is put under the spotlight.

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Cities - The Facts

Density, location, economics, sustainability and inequality.

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(clockwise from top left): A family outside their flooded house in Karachi, which was hit by super cyclonic storm Kyarr in October 2019; Imran Khan speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos in January 2020; Asia’s biggest flower market in Lahore; students in Lahore participating in the Global Climate Strike in September 2019.Photos: All From PA Images: STR/Xinhua; Valeriano Di Domenico/World Economic Forum/DPA; Last two both by Rana Sajid Hussain/Pacific Press/Sipa Usa.

Country profile: Pakistan

The photos, facts and politics of Pakistan.

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Illustration: P J Polyp

Big Bad World

Bull market, by P J Polyp.

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