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Worlds apart

Yohann Koshy returns to the golden age of solidarity between Global South states and asks: what should a new internationalism look like?

Anyone interested in the meaning of internationalism in the second half of the 20th century would have been wise to visit Algiers. When Algeria won independence from th...

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A note from the editor

Yohann Koshy

Yohann Koshy

Something bigger

An HSBC advert recently caught my eye on the London Underground. ‘We are not an island,’ the billboard read. ‘We are a Colombian coffee-drinking, American movie-watching, Swedish flat-pack assembling, Korean tablet-tapping… wonderful little lump of land in the middle of the sea. We are part of something far, far big...


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NI 518 - Building a new internationalism - March, 2019 Building a new internationalism Yohann Koshy 1 March 2019 NI 517 - Trade in Turmoil - January, 2019 Trade in Turmoil Vanessa Baird 1 January 2019 NI 516 - The dirt on waste - November, 2018 The dirt on waste Dinyar Godrej 1 November 2018

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NI 508 - Clampdown! Criminalizing dissent - December, 2017 Clampdown! Criminalizing dissent Richard Swift 1 December 2017

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A portrait of Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK) female leader Bese Hozat.

‘Freedom can’t be contained by a wall’

In an explosive interview to New Internationalist, the Kurdish female leader Bese Hozat opens up about peace, the party’s view on the region and the independence referendum in South Kurdistan, and accuses Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the West to have incubated Isis. By Karlos Zurutuza.

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Artist Jade Little touches up body paint on model Renee Somerfield, as she poses with a sign reading 'Save the Earth, Go Vegan' for an advertisement by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) in Sydney 3 July 2014. PETA's ad campaign claimed that animal agriculture is one of the leading causes of climate change and a major contributor to resource depletion, pollution and world hunger.Photo: REUTERS/Jason Reed

If we all became vegan tomorrow

Emboldened by a recent study, The Guardian repeats the myth that becoming vegan is the ‘single biggest way’ to reduce your impact on Earth. Chris Saltmarsh and Harpreet Kaur Paul disagree.

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Will new laws tame the tech giants?

The backlash against social media titans is in full swing. But are moves to bring them to heel, including new privacy laws, appropriate? Mike Morel investigates.

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Recent feature articles

A selection of feature articles from each of the latest New Internationalist magazines.

Like a scene from a blockbuster epic on trash: people search for pickings in the Indonesian capital Jakarta's Bantar Gebang dump. Over 60 per cent of the waste is organic and could be composted, but there is no large-scale sorting of refuse, making it much harder to manage.Photo: Bay Ismoyo/AFP/Getty

Modern life is rubbish

The dirt on waste. Dinyar Godrej argues that the problems with our throwaway society add up to much more than the sum of individual actions.

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When the world almost ended

It’s 10 years since the global financial system almost sent the world into a great depression. Yohann Koshy takes stock of what went wrong and where we are now.

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J’accuse: protests and riots rage for days after Keith Lamont Scott is shot dead by police in Charlotte, North Carolina, September 2016.Photo: Sean Rayford / Getty Images

A challenge to power

Black Lives Matter and a new generation of activism has the potential to reawaken the global fight for black liberation, argues Amy Hall.

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Brazil's soft coup hardens

Vanessa Baird sets out to see how dictatorship is being rebranded in Latin America’s most populous nation.

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Unlikely godmother: Beyoncé, seen here performing ’Freedom‘ in California, has helped some African writers to reach a wider audience.Danny Moloshok / Reuters

What exactly is ‘world fiction’?

Chris Brazier interviews Elleke Boehmer, Professor of World Literature in English at Oxford University.

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‘We’re worth it!’ Members of the German ver.di trade union make a noise ahead of wage negotiations in April.Photo: dpa picture alliance/Alamy Stock Photo

Still standing or standing still?

Jo Lateu considers the state of the unions, and argues that a revival has already begun.

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From the archives

A selection of articles from the New Internationalist magazine archives.

Divided over driving

Divided over driving

Saudi Arabia has lifted its ban on women drivers, but there not everyone agrees it’s a good thing. By Lydia Noon.

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Arms trade loophole

Arms trade loophole

Shell companies are aggravating some of the world’s worst conflicts, writes Steven Shaw.

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Holding up in an unkind world: Lelio’s A Fantastic Woman is detailed, convincing and moving.

Mixed Media: Film

A Fantastic Woman, written and directed by Sebastián Lelio; Custody (Jusqu’à la garde), written and directed by Xavier Legrand.

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Mixed Media: Books

A Massacre in Mexico by Anabel Hernández; Talking to North Korea by Glyn Ford; Russia Without Putin by Tony Wood; Crimson by Niviaq Korneliussen, translated by Anna Halagar.

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A gentle, beguiling fantasy brought to you by Malphino.

Mixed Media: Music

Visit Malphino by Malphino; Universalists by Yonatan Gat.

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Illustration: Sarah John

Touched by the future

Spending some time away from Marabá, Dan Baron Cohen discovers unexpected solidarity with the Amazon in a country mired in violence and despair.

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Photo: courtesy of Gina Lopez

Making Waves: Gina Lopez

The Philippines’ maverick environmentalist fighting the powerful mining industry, speaks with Veronique Mistiaen.

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Photo: Gage Skidmore/Alamy Stock Photo

Worldbeaters: Donald Trump

Ego? Tick. Money? Tick. Power-hungry? Tick. A disaster for the world? Tick.

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War Machine - The Facts

War Machine - The Facts

The arms trade is a powerful and enduring obstacle to peace.

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Clockwise from top left: At work on a fruit stall in the Zapote farmers' market, a popular weekly event in the capital, San José; early-morning haze over the country's central valley – mountains clad with rainforest rich in biodiversity rise on both sides; chef Suhel del Socorrolopez takes lunch orders in San José’s central market; flaunting it to merengue and salsa music at the Meylin Dancehall; and street art in the Carmen neighbourhood, with the capital's distinctive red taxis in the foreground.Photos: Ben Roberts / Panos Pictures.

Country Profile: Costa Rica

Gustavo Fuchs takes a look at this country, nicknamed the ‘Central American Switzerland’.

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NI 518 - March, 2019 - Building a new #internationalism. Yohann Koshy returns to the golden age of solidarity between Global South states and asks: what should a new internationalism look like?
2nd March 2019 by newint_au
NI 517 - January, 2019 @newint magazine - #Trade in Turmoil. The global free trade system is being battered like never before. Can any good come of it, asks Vanessa Baird in the first of an eight-article exploration?
18th January 2019 by newint_au
NI 516 - November, 2018 - The dirt on #waste. Dinyar Godrej argues that the problems with our throwaway society add up to much more than the sum of individual actions.
6th November 2018 by newint_au
NI 515 - September 2018 @newint_au magazine - Making #peace in a world at war. NI has always sought out diverse voices – and now, in this redesigned relaunch issue, we are proud to introduce new columnists from different regions of the world.
15th September 2018 by newint_au