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Finding home

With house prices and rents soaring, can there be a remedy to homelessness? Wayne Ellwood investigates.

In the sharp glare of spring sunshine the paint on the simple wooden display case is peeled and fading. It is a modest affair, the top angled in the shape of a roof, as if...

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A note from the editor

Wayne Ellwood

Wayne Ellwood

The meaning of home

I still remember buying our first (and only) house decades ago; pinching ourselves that we’d made such an impossible leap into the financial void.

It was a late autumn afternoon when I slid the key in the lock and tentatively...


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NI 503 - Homelessness - June, 2017 Homelessness Wayne Ellwood 1 June 2017 NI 502 - West Papua - Freedom in sight? - May, 2017 West Papua - Freedom in sight? Danny Chivers 1 May 2017 NI 501 - Populism rises again - April, 2017 Populism rises again Dinyar Godrej 1 April 2017 NI 500 - The exceptionally brave - 500th issue - March, 2017 The exceptionally brave - 500th issue Vanessa Baird 1 March 2017

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NI 451 - Adapt or die - April, 2012 Adapt or die Hazel Healy 1 April 2012

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Flowers are placed at the scene of an attack on Westminster Bridge, in London, Britain, on 24 March 2017.

The hate that divides us

In shock after hearing of the London attack and a Bangalore assault, Mari Marcel Thekaekara reflects on what could defeat hate of the ‘other’ and finally bring us together.

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The last house to be bulldozed at the Vila Autodrom favela.

Both hands on the spotlight for Rio’s favelas

A small NGO is trying to link local communities and international networks to help Rio’s worse-off neighbourhoods, Ann Deslandes reports.

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The Chief with his traditional bonnet (2016).

Sabtenga: modernisation knocks on the gates of tradition

Chris Brazier's full interview with François Moné, the village's latest Chief.

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Recent feature articles

A selection of feature articles from each of the latest New Internationalist magazines.

Unlikely godmother: Beyoncé, seen here performing ’Freedom‘ in California, has helped some African writers to reach a wider audience.

What exactly is ‘world fiction’?

Chris Brazier interviews Elleke Boehmer, Professor of World Literature in English at Oxford University.

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Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg  (centre) and friends play with virtual reality gear at a high-level gathering earlier this year.

Smiley-faced monopolists

Does it matter that Google, Facebook and Amazon are so successful? Vanessa Baird examines what their domination means for all of us.

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On high alert, post-Ebola: Nafisatu Jabbi (centre right) at the Koindu community clinic, accompanied by a newly replenished staff team, including Community Health Officer Alfonsus Vandi (centre left).

Did we learn the right lessons from Ebola?

And will Sierra Leone be ready, should the virus return? Hazel Healy travelled there to find out.

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Charge your phones here: this man displays the board of sockets which helps him earn his livelihood in Nigeria’s Katsina city. Many vendors invest in small solar units to generate the power.

Technology as if people mattered*

The world's poor are still losing out. They need a better deal, argues Dinyar Godrej.

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Stumped: a young boy surveys the remains of giant conifers on a mist-shrouded inlet in the US Pacific northwest.

Last stand

The world’s last great woodlands are fast disappearing – with untold consequences for the environment and for us. Time to stop the destruction, argues Wayne Ellwood.

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Contested territory: a Hindu nationalist raises a saffron flag atop a church in Muniguda in India’s Orissa state. Minority communities in India are regularly targeted by politically instigated Hindu groups, and churches have been burned and defaced.

The lure of the dead-end

How do oppressive ideologies take hold despite the devastation they cause? Dinyar Godrej looks behind the news headlines.

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From the archives

A selection of articles from the New Internationalist magazine archives.

Introducing Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed

The former New York municipal employee became president of the problem-plagued Federal Republic of Somalia.

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 Demonstrators protest against state brutality at a rally in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa last August.

Ethiopian regime under pressure

Growing civil unrest in Ethiopia suggests that the ruling party may be beginning to lose its grip on power, Matthew Newsome writes.

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Punished for pacifism

Punished for pacifism

Giedre Steikunaite reports on problems for pacfists in Europe.

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Park Chan-wook’s film adaptation is as smart, sumptuous and sexy as Waters’ original.

Mixed media: film reviews

The Handmaiden; Frantz: have a look at the film reviews of the month.

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Mixed Media: Books

The Story of a Brief Marriage, Talking To My Country The History Thieves and others reviewed in this month's New Internationalist magazine.

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Ifriqiyya Electrique – Sufi trance traditions meet industrial fuzz.

Mixed Media: Music

Mogoya by Oumou Sangaré; The Ecstatic Music of Alice Coltrane Turiyasangitananda by Alice Coltrane Turiyasangitananda: our music reviews of the month.

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Beirut, my city

Green shoots of hope spring up among the rubble of discontent, writes Reem Haddad.

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Making Waves: Maryam Abdulhadi al-Khawaja

Bahraini activist Maryam Abdulhadi al-Khawaja smiles in the face of adversity.

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The dictator and his public: Kim Jong-un does the rounds.

Worldbeaters: The Kim Family

Kim Jong-un's headline grabbing aggressive irrationalism takes some beating (though he might have met his match in recent times...)

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Is democracy in danger?

Rising distrust of politicians and parliaments, declining voter turnouts – these are now common trends in many established democracies. But is support for democracy itself ebbing away?

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Clockwise from top left: A song-and-dance group prepare to perform at a church in the Mingkaman camp for internally displaced people (IdPs), which has often held as many as 100,000 people during the conflicts of the past few years; villagers in Unity State in the north watch a plane drop sacks of food aid; the boys looking after African-longhorned cattle are also from the Mingkaman camp, in Lakes State; the dinka women drumming have just had a training session aimed at making them aware that gender-based violence is a crime; Amer Agoot is pictured at the river port of Bor, having been forced to flee an IdP camp when men invaded her hut and robbed her of the little she had left.

Country profile: South Sudan

Eleanor Hobhouse considers the state of Africa's newest nation, five years after independence.

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Simon Kneebone's cartoon from our June magazine.

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