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Modern life is rubbish

The dirt on waste. Dinyar Godrej argues that the problems with our throwaway society add up to much more than the sum of individual actions.

I was born in 1965, the year the plastic bag was invented.

During my childhood, in a boom city in central India, I remember plastic bags were still relatively ...

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A note from the editor

Dinyar Godrej

Dinyar Godrej

Deep disconnect

I once had the misfortune to meet someone who claimed that he found buying a stack of t-shirts from the uber-cheap retail giant Primark to wear for a couple of days each and then discard easier than going through the bother ...


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NI 516 - The dirt on waste - November, 2018 The dirt on waste Dinyar Godrej 1 November 2018 NI 515 - Making peace in a world at war - September, 2018 Making peace in a world at war Hazel Healy 1 September 2018 NI 514 - The next financial crisis - July, 2018 The next financial crisis Yohann Koshy 1 July 2018 NI 513 - A better media is possible - June, 2018 A better media is possible Vanessa Baird 1 June 2018

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NI 451 - Adapt or die - April, 2012 Adapt or die Hazel Healy 1 April 2012

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A portrait of Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK) female leader Bese Hozat.

‘Freedom can’t be contained by a wall’

In an explosive interview to New Internationalist, the Kurdish female leader Bese Hozat opens up about peace, the party’s view on the region and the independence referendum in South Kurdistan, and accuses Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the West to have incubated Isis. By Karlos Zurutuza.

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Artist Jade Little touches up body paint on model Renee Somerfield, as she poses with a sign reading 'Save the Earth, Go Vegan' for an advertisement by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) in Sydney 3 July 2014. PETA's ad campaign claimed that animal agriculture is one of the leading causes of climate change and a major contributor to resource depletion, pollution and world hunger.

If we all became vegan tomorrow

Emboldened by a recent study, The Guardian repeats the myth that becoming vegan is the ‘single biggest way’ to reduce your impact on Earth. Chris Saltmarsh and Harpreet Kaur Paul disagree.

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Will new laws tame the tech giants?

The backlash against social media titans is in full swing. But are moves to bring them to heel, including new privacy laws, appropriate? Mike Morel investigates.

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Recent feature articles

A selection of feature articles from each of the latest New Internationalist magazines.

A student looks out from the remains of a classroom destroyed by Boko Haram in Maiduguri, northeast Nigeria.

Out of the ruins

Can peacebuilders end the war with Boko Haram in Nigeria? Hazel Healy travels there to find out.

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A better media is possible

Trust in tatters. Business model busted. And journalism under attack from all sides. So why does Vanessa Baird think that the news media has a bright future?

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Brazil's soft coup hardens

Vanessa Baird sets out to see how dictatorship is being rebranded in Latin America’s most populous nation.

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A child practises writing the days of the week on the wall of her house in Meme, Cameroon.

Back to the drawing board

The Right has captured education all over the world. Hazel Healy makes the case for how to do things differently.

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A resistance gathering in the West Papuan highlands.

Morning star rising

After 54 years of struggle under Indonesian rule, is freedom finally in sight for West Papua? Danny Chivers investigates.

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Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg  (centre) and friends play with virtual reality gear at a high-level gathering earlier this year.

Smiley-faced monopolists

Does it matter that Google, Facebook and Amazon are so successful? Vanessa Baird examines what their domination means for all of us.

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From the archives

A selection of articles from the New Internationalist magazine archives.

Cash averts famine in Somalia

Cash averts famine in Somalia

SIM cards loaded with cash handed out across the country have been credited with staving off a Somali famine after warnings of an impending crisis in February. Roshni Majumdar reports.

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An Eritrean teenager stuck in Shagarab refugee camp, Sudan. Is EU money keeping him there?

Between Sudan and a hard place

Eritrean refugees who try to escape into neighbouring Sudan are caught up in a deadly stand-off between East Africa’s big powers – as European Union (EU) money aimed at keeping them there continues to roll in all the while writes Sally Hayden.

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Holding up in an unkind world: Lelio’s A Fantastic Woman is detailed, convincing and moving.

Mixed Media: Film

A Fantastic Woman, written and directed by Sebastián Lelio; Custody (Jusqu’à la garde), written and directed by Xavier Legrand.

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Mixed Media: Books

A Massacre in Mexico by Anabel Hernández; Talking to North Korea by Glyn Ford; Russia Without Putin by Tony Wood; Crimson by Niviaq Korneliussen, translated by Anna Halagar.

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Angelique Kidja – rocking the material in her indomitable way.

Mixed Media: Music

Remain in Light by Angélique Kidjo; Voice of Resistance by Rim Banna.

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Cochabamba fire.

Lights in the mountains

Not a sign of progress but a cause for alarm. Amy Booth reports from Cochabamba’s overlong dry season.

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Jamila Afghani

Making Waves: Jamila Afghani

A profile of Afghan campaigner for women’s education and rights Jamila Afghani, who started by persuading the imams. Beena Nadeem talks to the unassuming trailblazer

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Worldbeaters: Donald Trump

Ego? Tick. Money? Tick. Power-hungry? Tick. A disaster for the world? Tick.

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Black Lives - THE FACTS

The impacts of racism can be seen in almost all aspects of everyday life. Black and indigenous people are more likely to be jailed or unemployed – that’s if they make it past childhood.

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Clockwise from top left: A billboard celebrating multiculturalism on the main street of the capital, Suva; selling mangoes by the roadside; temporary housing on the outskirts of Suva for Lau islanders who have come to the main island of Viti Levu seeking work; Ape Maleki, a farmer from the village of Vunaniu, tending his cattle; and ‘Frank’ Bainimarama, pictured at the time of the 2006 coup.

Country Profile: Fiji

Inclusive rhetoric by Fiji’s PM is belied by police repression, reports Wame Valentine. And the economy’s in trouble. We profile Fiji today.

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Open Window - Repression

Oğuz Demir from Turkey with ‘Repression/Resistance’.

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