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Shut out

Poverty is not down to chance or bad choices. It’s hard wired into a deeply unequal economic system. But it doesn’t have to be that way, says Dinyar Godrej.

Growing up in India I heard my parents speak of the ‘deserving poor’. For my mother it was usually in relation to beggars in the street. People fending for themselve...

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A note from the editor

Dinyar Godrej

Dinyar Godrej

Levelling up

Poverty is a downer, no two ways about it. It refuses to be made history, though, mercy knows, it should have been consigned to it long ago. And it resists jollying up – narratives of the ‘we were poor, but we were happy’ type notwithstanding.

Sure, one can talk about ‘breaks’. How the woman running ragged doing four...


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A selection of feature articles from each of the latest New Internationalist magazines.

There’s still time to mitigate the worst effects of climate change. Can we pull it off?Photo: Sandra Kaas/Unsplash

Habitable Earth

There’s still time to mitigate the worst effects of climate change. Can we pull it off? Hazel Healy makes the case for conditional optimism.

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Place markers ahead of the Bandung Conference, 1955.Photo: Howard Sochurek / Getty

Worlds apart

Yohann Koshy returns to the golden age of solidarity between Global South states and asks: what should a new internationalism look like?

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When the world almost ended

It’s 10 years since the global financial system almost sent the world into a great depression. Yohann Koshy takes stock of what went wrong and where we are now.

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Fighting for their livelihoods: Puerto Rican teachers come out against the government’s drive to privatize public education.Photo: Ricardo Arduengo/AFP/Getty Images

The case for public ownership

After decades of denuding privatization policies, the green shoots of a public takeback are finally appearing. Dinyar Godrej on the promise and the threat.

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These three Yemeni girls are among the 3.1 million people displaced by the war. They stand by the shredded remains of their tents in Abs settlement, which is regularly damaged by passing sandstorms.Photo: Giles Clarke, UN OCHA / Getty Images

Who cares?

Hazel Healy investigates the challenges facing 21st century humanitarian action.

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J’accuse: protests and riots rage for days after Keith Lamont Scott is shot dead by police in Charlotte, North Carolina, September 2016.Photo: Sean Rayford / Getty Images

A challenge to power

Black Lives Matter and a new generation of activism has the potential to reawaken the global fight for black liberation, argues Amy Hall.

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From the archives

A selection of articles from the New Internationalist magazine archives.

Detention deaths

Detention deaths

A record number of people lost their lives in UK immigration detention centres in 2017, writes Felix Bazalgette.

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Opposition to President Hernández spills onto the streets in January 2018. Photo: Gustavo Amador/EFE/Alamy Live News

Election results defied

The Hondurans who took to the streets following the election were met by a hailstorm of teargas and sometimes live gunfire, writes Richard Swift.

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Photo: World Travel & Tourism Council

Introducing... Leo Varadkar

Will Leo Varadkar, Ireland’s new, gay Taoiseach, live up to high expectations? Richard Swift reports.

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Mixed media: film

Malcolm Lewis reviews Woman at War, directed and co-written by Benedikt Erlingsson; The Third Wife, directed and written by Ash Mayfair.

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Mixed Media: Books

Mixed Media: Books

The Sun On My Head; Conspiracy Theories; This Land is Our Land; Kitchen Curse.

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Mixed Media: Music

Bush Lady by Alanis Obomsawin; Under Frustration, Vol 1 by Arabstazy.

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Illustration: Sarah John

Touched by the future

Spending some time away from Marabá, Dan Baron Cohen discovers unexpected solidarity with the Amazon in a country mired in violence and despair.

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Making Waves: Charlie Lowthian-Rickert

Sian Griffiths meets a 10-year-old who is already a veteran transgender activist.

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Photo: Agencia Brasil/Alamy Stock Photo

Worldbeaters: Michel Temer

Brazil’s oldest president – and architect of his predecessor’s downfall – is put under the spotlight.

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War Machine - The Facts

War Machine - The Facts

The arms trade is a powerful and enduring obstacle to peace.

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Photos, clockwise from top left: a woman working in a greenhouse, fertilizing female plants with male flowers for a company that produces seeds for export to European farmers; Itaga Sasa Masuke, 21, who works at the Kahama goldmine, prepares to go underground without safety equipment; teenagers, including 16-year-old girl Mwanaid Abeid, learning about electrics at the Nzega vocational training centre; a supporter listens to a speech by (soon to be elected) President Magufuli.Photo: SVEN TORFINN/PANOS

Country profile: Tanzania

Facts, figures and photos from Tanzania.

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Illustration: Gatis Sluka

Open Window

Lungs of the City by Gatis Sluka from Latvia.

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