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Out of the ruins

Can peacebuilders end the war with Boko Haram in Nigeria? Hazel Healy travels there to find out.

Kareem Omar had the misfortune to be shopping at the Monday market in Maiduguri, northeast Nigeria, when a Boko Haram gunman took a pot shot at a soldier and ran for...

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A note from the editor

Hazel Healy

Hazel Healy

World in pieces, world at peace

The city centre felt safe, once you got used to the soldiers on patrol. But as we drove out to a former stronghold of Boko Haram on the edge of Maiduguri – where I travelled for this month’s Big Story – the h...


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NI 515 - Making peace in a world at war - September, 2018 Making peace in a world at war Hazel Healy 1 September 2018 NI 514 - The next financial crisis - July, 2018 The next financial crisis Yohann Koshy 1 July 2018 NI 513 - A better media is possible - June, 2018 A better media is possible Vanessa Baird 1 June 2018 NI 512 - Public ownership rises again - May, 2018 Public ownership rises again Dinyar Godrej 1 May 2018

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NI 451 - Adapt or die - April, 2012 Adapt or die Hazel Healy 1 April 2012

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A portrait of Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK) female leader Bese Hozat.

‘Freedom can’t be contained by a wall’

In an explosive interview to New Internationalist, the Kurdish female leader Bese Hozat opens up about peace, the party’s view on the region and the independence referendum in South Kurdistan, and accuses Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the West to have incubated Isis. By Karlos Zurutuza.

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Artist Jade Little touches up body paint on model Renee Somerfield, as she poses with a sign reading 'Save the Earth, Go Vegan' for an advertisement by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) in Sydney 3 July 2014. PETA's ad campaign claimed that animal agriculture is one of the leading causes of climate change and a major contributor to resource depletion, pollution and world hunger.

If we all became vegan tomorrow

Emboldened by a recent study, The Guardian repeats the myth that becoming vegan is the ‘single biggest way’ to reduce your impact on Earth. Chris Saltmarsh and Harpreet Kaur Paul disagree.

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Will new laws tame the tech giants?

The backlash against social media titans is in full swing. But are moves to bring them to heel, including new privacy laws, appropriate? Mike Morel investigates.

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Recent feature articles

A selection of feature articles from each of the latest New Internationalist magazines.

Fighting for their livelihoods: Puerto Rican teachers come out against the government’s drive to privatize public education.

The case for public ownership

After decades of denuding privatization policies, the green shoots of a public takeback are finally appearing. Dinyar Godrej on the promise and the threat.

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A child practises writing the days of the week on the wall of her house in Meme, Cameroon.

Back to the drawing board

The Right has captured education all over the world. Hazel Healy makes the case for how to do things differently.

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Stuck on the street: only a quarter of families in the US that qualify receive housing assistance.

Finding home

With house prices and rents soaring, can there be a remedy to homelessness? Wayne Ellwood investigates.

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Journey's End

Chris Brazier returns to the village in Burkina Faso that he has visited every 10 years since helping to make a film there in 1985.

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‘We’re worth it!’ Members of the German ver.di trade union make a noise ahead of wage negotiations in April.

Still standing or standing still?

Jo Lateu considers the state of the unions, and argues that a revival has already begun.

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On high alert, post-Ebola: Nafisatu Jabbi (centre right) at the Koindu community clinic, accompanied by a newly replenished staff team, including Community Health Officer Alfonsus Vandi (centre left).

Did we learn the right lessons from Ebola?

And will Sierra Leone be ready, should the virus return? Hazel Healy travelled there to find out.

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From the archives

A selection of articles from the New Internationalist magazine archives.

Indonesian flight-path farmers pushed out

After five years of resistance, Indonesia began the construction of an international airport set to destroy the sand-dune ecosystem and houses of residents already forced out of the area, writes Pramilla Deva

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Cash averts famine in Somalia

Cash averts famine in Somalia

SIM cards loaded with cash handed out across the country have been credited with staving off a Somali famine after warnings of an impending crisis in February. Roshni Majumdar reports.

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Is he – or is he not – the girl-murdering ‘beast’?

Mixed Media: Film

The Beast, directed and written by Michael PearceThe Wound (Inxeba), directed and co-written by John Trengove.

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Mixed Media: Books

The Incendiaries; Betraying Big Brother; A Radical History of the World; Rupture.

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Left: Radwan Ghazi Moumneh; Right: Charles-André Coderre.

Spotlight: Jerusalem In My Heart

(aka Radwan Ghazi Moumneh) Words by Louise Gray, photograph by Melanie Marsman.

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Democracy in prison

Letter from Marabá: Anxiety, perplexity and indignation over Brazil’s political process as news of former president Lula’s sentencing breaks. Dan Baron Cohen listens to how it goes down in Cabelo Seco.

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Environmental campaigner Claire Nouvian.

Making Waves

The untiring campaigner and guardian of the deep, Claire Nouvian, speaks with Veronique Mistiaen about the transformative experience that led to her choosing her path – on to eventual victory.

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Education for all – The facts

A snapshot of progress, setbacks and future prospects

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Clockwise from top left: Aerial photograph of the luxury Ritz Carlton resort near Manama, with the skyline of the capital in the distance; a Bahraini law student – there are more opportunities for women than in neighbouring Saudi Arabia; locals horse riding in the desert; a demonstration by Bahrainis in London demanding democratic rights in their country; the modern souk in Manama.

Country Profile: Bahrain

The West finds much to celebrate about the country, but it has the largest prison population in the Middle East and world’s highest per-capita use of teargas. Zoe Holman reports on the state of Bahrain.

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