Photos, clockwise from top left: a woman working in a greenhouse, fertilizing female plants with male flowers for a company that produces seeds for export to European farmers; Itaga Sasa Masuke, 21, who works at the Kahama goldmine, prepares to go underground without safety equipment; teenagers, including 16-year-old girl Mwanaid Abeid, learning about electrics at the Nzega vocational training centre; a supporter listens to a speech by (soon to be elected) President Magufuli.Photo: SVEN TORFINN/PANOS

Country profile: Tanzania

Facts, figures and photos from Tanzania.

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NI 521 - Who owns the sea? - September, 2019
Photos, clockwise from top left: Hurricane Maria destroyed almost everything in its path, as this photo taken on 18 September 2017 shows; fierce concentration in a classroom of St Luke’s primary school in Pointe Michel; a cruiseship towering over the harbour front; selling sweets on the streets of the capital, Roseau.Photos: All by Tim Smith/Panos, except cruiseship by Jean-francois Manuel/Alamy

Country Profile: Dominica

The nature island of the Caribbean.

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NI 520 - The right to the city - July, 2019
Photos, clockwise from top left: Children at the Deari elementary school in Keren; portrait of Meriem Mohammed Omer, a former practitioner of female genital mutilation who now advocates against the practice and is proud that all her granddaughters are uncut; Adanesh Gebrehiwo serves lunch to some of the 12 children living in a group home for orphans in Keren; a dry valley in the province of Anseba.Photo: GIACOMO PIROZZI/PANOS

Country profile: Eritrea

Eritrea, an abbreviation of Red Sea in Latin (Mare Erythraeum), was carved out of east Africa by the Italians.

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NI 519 - How to avoid climate breakdown - May, 2019
Photos, clockwise from top right: Soldiers of the Syrian Democratic Forces opposed to the Assad regime bury a comrade killed in the battle for Raqqa in September 2017; citizens of the capital, Damascus, buying food at the start of Ramadan in May 2018; and a portrait of seven-year-old Lubna, who was born in Syria but is part of the enforced exodus and now lives in a refugee camp in neighbouring Jordan.Photos: Ivor Prickett / Panos; Ammar Safarjalani / Xinhua/ Alamy; Chris De Bode / Save the Children / Panos

Country Profile: Syria

Though the conflict in Syria is often described as a civil war, most of the forces at play are exogenous. Zoe Holman writes.

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NI 518 - Building a new internationalism - March, 2019
Photos, clockwise from top left: A butcher plies his trade in Havana beneath the omnipresent image of Che Guevara; a woman who charges tourists one US dollar per picture for posing with her outsize cigars; classic American cars are a commonplace sight on the capital’s streets but less familiar are initiates of Santeria (an Afro-Caribbean syncretic religion), who must wear white for a year and cannot be on the street after six o’clock in the evening.Photos: Kris Pannecoucke / Panos

Country profile: Cuba

Matt Norman reviews the Latin American island nation.

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NI 517 - Trade in Turmoil - January, 2019
Photos, clockwise from top left: A woman transports containers of raw latex on a motocycle in a rubber plantation in Kon Tum; preparing fishing nets on Vung Tau beach; spinning in a silk factory in Dalat; counting banknotes at a fruit market in Ho Chi Minh City.Photos: PASCAL DELOCHE/PANOS

Country Profile: Vietnam

The Vietnam of yesteryear that many Westerners use as a reference point for the nation is long outdated, writes Bennett Murray.

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NI 516 - The dirt on waste - November, 2018
Photos, clockwise from top left: Adham playing on the rooftops in the capital, Amman; mother and children at the Zaatari Camp for refugees from Syria; queuing up for school, also in the Zaatari Camp; a roadside market for fruit and vegetables in the Red Sea port of Aqaba.Photos: Chris de Bode; Abbie Trayler-Smith x2; Ivor Prickett.

Country Profile: Jordan

Jordan is nominally a constitutional monarchy with regular national and local elections. However, the façade of democracy is thin. Zoe Holman profiles the country.

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NI 515 - Making peace in a world at war - September, 2018
Clockwise from top left: Students at the University of Botswana in the capital, Gaborone; Nthompe Rosinah Mothata selling her snacks in Gaborone’s bus station; looking out over the main pit of the Jwaneng mine in the Kalahari – the richest diamond mine in the world; and the Three Dikgosi (Chiefs) Monument depicting the leaders of the Bangwato, Bakwena and Bangwaketse ethnic groups – a set of bronze figures cast by a North Korean company and located in Gaborone’s Central Business District.All photos by Marc Shoul / Panos Pictures.

Country Profile: Botswana

Wame Molefhe profiles Botswana, where prosperity has morphed into corruption and inequality. But will the country’s future see it regain the sparkle its diamonds offer to the rich?

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NI 514 - The next financial crisis - July, 2018
Clockwise from top left: At work on a fruit stall in the Zapote farmers' market, a popular weekly event in the capital, San José; early-morning haze over the country's central valley – mountains clad with rainforest rich in biodiversity rise on both sides; chef Suhel del Socorrolopez takes lunch orders in San José’s central market; flaunting it to merengue and salsa music at the Meylin Dancehall; and street art in the Carmen neighbourhood, with the capital's distinctive red taxis in the foreground.Photos: Ben Roberts / Panos Pictures.

Country Profile: Costa Rica

Gustavo Fuchs takes a look at this country, nicknamed the ‘Central American Switzerland’.

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NI 513 - A better media is possible - June, 2018
Clockwise from top left: The historic market in the northern town of Tripoli; all smiles at a political rally in Beirut’s Martyrs’ Square; rubbish dumped on the road in north Beirut – the country’s garbage-collection system has collapsed; and a family of Syrian refugees in a UN camp near Zahle, in the Bekaa Valley.   All photos from Alamy and (in the order above) by Mark Pearson, Geoff Dunlop, Char Abumansoor and François Razon.

Country Profile: Lebanon

Civil war, ISIS invasions, mountains of rubbish. Never a dull day in Lebanon. The country’s constant turmoil is exhausting, says Reem Haddad, reporting from Beirut.

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NI 512 - Public ownership rises again - May, 2018
Clockwise from top left:  Migrants arrive in Tripoli after being rescued by Libyan coastguards; children wave their country’s national flags as they celebrate in Tripoli’s Martyrs’ Square in February 2018 on the seventh anniversary of the Libyan revolution, which toppled Muammar Qadafi; and a tank of the self-styled Libyan National Army loyal to Khalifa Hafter advancing through a street in Benghazi’s central Akhribish district following clashes with militants.  Photos: AFP/Getty Images; first two by Mahmud Turkia and the third by Abdullah Doma.

Country Profile: Libya

Almost any Libyan can tell you the story of a relative or friend imprisoned, tortured, exiled or simply disappeared. Zoe Holman profiles this complex country.

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NI 511 - Humanitarianism under attack - April, 2018
Clockwise from top left: Smallholders forced off their land who have taken refuge in makeshift roadside huts; a street scene on Calle Mallorquín in Encarnación; giant otters on the Paraguay River; the Panteón de los Héroes at dusk in the capital, Asunción; a Mbya-Guaraní woman in her herb garden. All photos by Alamy Stock Photos: imageBroker; Thomas Cockrem; Barry Chapman; robertharding; Westend61GmbH.

Country Profile: Paraguay

Paraguayan democracy may have come a long way since the end of dictatorship, but terror is sweeping its agricultural heartlands where farmers and indigenous communities are resisting attempts to take away what little land they have left.

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NI 510 - Black Lives Matter - March, 2018
Clockwise from top left: A billboard celebrating multiculturalism on the main street of the capital, Suva; selling mangoes by the roadside; temporary housing on the outskirts of Suva for Lau islanders who have come to the main island of Viti Levu seeking work; Ape Maleki, a farmer from the village of Vunaniu, tending his cattle; and ‘Frank’ Bainimarama, pictured at the time of the 2006 coup.All photos by Jocelyn Carlin / Panos Pictures.

Country Profile: Fiji

Inclusive rhetoric by Fiji’s PM is belied by police repression, reports Wame Valentine. And the economy’s in trouble. We profile Fiji today.

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NI 509 - What's left for the young? - January, 2018
Clockwise from top left: Aerial photograph of the luxury Ritz Carlton resort near Manama, with the skyline of the capital in the distance; a Bahraini law student – there are more opportunities for women than in neighbouring Saudi Arabia; locals horse riding in the desert; a demonstration by Bahrainis in London demanding democratic rights in their country; the modern souk in Manama.All photos from Alamy; photographers from top left: Ben Nicholson, Michael Austen, Giuseppe Masci, Peter Wheeler, Jack Malipan.

Country Profile: Bahrain

The West finds much to celebrate about the country, but it has the largest prison population in the Middle East and world’s highest per-capita use of teargas. Zoe Holman reports on the state of Bahrain.

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NI 508 - Clampdown! Criminalizing dissent - December, 2017
Clockwise from top left: A typical neighbourhood corner shop in Uzbekistan; Tajik bakers selling bread at Siab Bazaar – the main market in Samarkand; friendly smiles from children; the ship graveyard on the former shore of the Aral Sea in Moynak; and two women sheltering from the heat. Photos by Christopher Simmons.

Country Profile: Uzbekistan

Last December, in a ballot described as ‘a sham’ by international observers, the country elected Mirziyoyev as successor of its first post-independence president and long-time dictator Karimov. But things might not get that much better, writes Tina Burrett.

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NI 507 - Humans vs robots - November, 2017
Clockwise from top left: Hargeisa, the capital of Somaliland; a young woman plays basketball at Socsa (Somaliland Culture and Sports Association); a woman selling gold from a stall in Hargeisa market sits behind a display case; Ahmed Yusuf Yasin the former vice-president of Somaliland; and a bride before her wedding sitting with her bridesmaids.Photos by Liba Taylor / Panos Pictures.

Country Profile: Somaliland

Political gatherings will be met with heavy-handed security from state-owned paramilitary groups; and the independence of civil society and media will be greatly restricted. Claire Elder reports on the status of Somaliland.

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NI 506 - Brazil's soft coup - October, 2017
Clockwise from top left: Wealthier nomads visit the capital on holiday, or retire there; the old and the new (and, until recently, the incessant construction) in the Ulaanbaatar skyline; a metal colossus celebrating the construction of the Darkhan Metallurgical Plant; a Mongolian hero of World War Two feeds pigeons in the streets of Ulaanbaatar; but the traditional life on the steppes goes on, as Degi demonstrates how he practises horse riding.Photos by Christopher Simons

Country Profile: Mongolia

Times are hard. High unemployment, rampant inflation and a collapse in the value of the tugrik, reports Tina Burrett and Christopher Simons.

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NI 505 - Bad Education - September, 2017
Country Profile: Afghanistan

Country Profile: Afghanistan

The facts, figures, images and NI assessment of Afghanistan.

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NI 504 - The Equality Effect - July, 2017
Clockwise from top right: The Great Mosque of Algiers, which will contain the world’s tallest minaret, is being constructed in Mohammedia, near the capital, while an older mosque looks on; Nabila Ounas and her son in their new, government-supplied apartment in Cite Kourifa, 20 miles from Algiers; a man walks past a mural commemorating the war of independence against France;  satellite dishes cling to the external wall of a tenement building called ‘Les Dunes’, said to be the longest building in Algiers; donkeys transport rubbish from the casbah in Algiers through the narrow streets.Photos by Andrew Testa / Panos Pictures

Country Profile: Algeria

Power rests in the hands of a corrupt military and political oligarchy that denies people the right to self-determination, reports Hamza Hamouchene.

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NI 503 - Homelessness - June, 2017
Clockwise from top left: A bird flies over Nepal’s capital, Kathmandu, with the snow-capped Himalayas in the background; stars emerge over Taumadhi Square in Bhaktapur, one of the three historic city states, which is now in the process of being absorbed into Greater Kathmandu; Rajina Tamang lifts her five-month-old baby girl Devi Yani into the air amid the rubble – all that remains of Kuni village in Dhading District following the April 2015 earthquake, which left more than a thousand villagers homeless; Kuni’s villagers queue to be seen by a Médecins Sans Frontières medical team; back in the capital, the Annapurna temple stands behind a fruit vendor in Ason Tol.Photos: Brian Sokol / Panos Pictures.

Country Profile: Nepal

After the 2015 earthquake, foreign governments and organizations pledged $4.1 billion in gifts and loans, but funds are yet to be disbursed, reports Fiona Broom.

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NI 502 - West Papua - Freedom in sight? - May, 2017

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The dirt on waste November, 2018
Making peace in a world at war September, 2018
The next financial crisis July, 2018
A better media is possible June, 2018
Public ownership rises again May, 2018
Humanitarianism under attack April, 2018
Black Lives Matter March, 2018
What's left for the young? January, 2018
Clampdown! Criminalizing dissent December, 2017
Humans vs robots November, 2017
Brazil's soft coup October, 2017
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The Equality Effect July, 2017
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