Country profile: Israel

Facts, figures and images from Israel.

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NI 473 - The politics of language loss - June, 2014
Top: people in a makeshift camp in Chocó province seeking to return to land controlled by paramilitary-linked businesses; a street scene in Silvia, near Popayan, in the south, where there is a higher proportion of indigenous people. Middle: the capital, Bogotá, is famous for its graffiti;  but the smog-bound vista on the right shows its high-rise centre and how it sprawls. Bottom: tourism potential on the Caribbean coast; a quiet moment in Chocó province; ‘safe journey’ is the message from the army, which has made the roads secure but at a cost to human rights.All photos by Jonathan Glennie.

Country Profile: Colombia

The facts, figures, flag and photos from Colombia.

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NI 471 - The war on whistleblowers - April, 2014
A traditional teahouse in Isfahan; jeans sellers in Isfahan; a street scene in Jolfa, East Azerbaijan province; women picnicking by the roadside in Shiraz (see main text); selling fish in Kermanshah.Photos (top): Patricia White / Alamy; (bottom left to right): HL Tam; Misha Kally; cordelia_persen; Ensie & Matthias; all under a CC licence.

Country Profile: Iran

The facts, figures and images of Iran.

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NI 470 - Commodities - the pitfalls of resource wealth - March, 2014
Woman on a bus in the desert city of Mary (dbimages / Alamy). The two outside shots at the bottom are from the Tolkuchka Bazaar in the capital, Ashgabat. Sandwiched between them is the self-glorifying golden statue erected by the former dictator Saparmurat Niyazov.Photos by David Stanley, the last three under a CC Licence.

Country Profile - Turkmenistan

Facts, figures and photos on Turkmenistan.

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NI 469 - Why are we locking up migrants? - January, 2014
Clockwise from top left: Traditional communities have become more organized in recent years – Victor Ara is an elected leader of one in Potosí; this woman carrying the wiphala – a flag of indigenous unity – waits for Evo Morales to speak at a rally in Santa Cruz; at more than 4,000 metres above sea level, El Alto is probably the highest and largest open-air market in the world; musician Adrián Villanueva (right) with a young relative in his La Paz home.Photos: Vanessa Baird

Country Profile: Bolivia

A miner, pick in one hand, rifle in the other, adorns many main squares of Bolivia’s highland mining communities, symbolizing the country’s tradition of radical social movements.

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NI 467 - Time to rethink disability - November, 2013

Country profile: Zimbabwe

‘Welcome to Zimbabwe (Land of contradiction)’

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NI 466 - Where have all the girls gone? - October, 2013
Village schoolchildren heading home for lunch in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.Mischa Kally

Country Profile: China

China is making a great leap forward, but there are winners and losers.

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NI 465 - How the war on pirates became big business - September, 2013
A seller in a traditional market on the island of Sumba prepares oil lamps at her stall as night falls. On the outer islands, electrical power is often unreliable or non-existent. Photo: Josh Estey

Country Profile: Indonesia

Facts, figures and a profile of Indonesia.

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NI 462 - Land grabs - May, 2013
Vacant billboards as a metaphor for economic downturn.Lindsey Collen

Country Profile: Mauritius

Contradictions and extremes on an island country 'invented by colonization'.

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NI 461 - Demolition job - April, 2013
Street scene from central Cairo. All photographs by Maria Golia.

Country Profile: Egypt

The country’s last 150 years reflect a dynamic process, part of the greater human quest for fair self-governance.

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NI 460 - What has development done for me? - March, 2013
Country Profile: Peru

Country Profile: Peru

Peru is said to be booming but the poor would never know it. Stephanie Boyd reports.

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NI 458 - Internet showdown - December, 2012
 (top) Carnival revellers celebrate, St Georges; (bottom left to right) a historic waterfront building, St Georges; Paradise Beach, Carriacou; Carriacou’s capital, Hillsborough; a local police officer.Photographs by Zoe and Gabrielle Smith

Country Profile - Grenada

Zoe Leigh Smith reports on the tiny Caribbean island's strangling debt burden.

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NI 457 - Bad medicine - November, 2012
Cook Islands

Cook Islands

Black pearls, cruise ships and lively politics: Mary Warren gives the lowdown on the South Pacific atolls.

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NI 453 - Protection racket - June, 2012
Country Profile: Guatemala

Country Profile: Guatemala

The country's unequal wealth distribution and rapid population growth have made it one of the poorest in Latin America, writes Anna-Claire Bevan.

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NI 452 - Mental health - May, 2012
Map of Zambia

Country profile: Zambia

Mary Namakando digs out facts and ratings on one of Southern Africa's most politically stable countries and probes President Sata's grapple with corruption.

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NI 451 - Adapt or die - April, 2012

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The politics of language loss June, 2014
Organ trafficking May, 2014
The war on whistleblowers April, 2014
Commodities - the pitfalls of resource wealth March, 2014
Why are we locking up migrants? January, 2014
Fracking - the gathering storm December, 2013
Time to rethink disability November, 2013
Where have all the girls gone? October, 2013
How the war on pirates became big business September, 2013
Argentina's challenge June, 2013
Land grabs May, 2013
Demolition job April, 2013
What has development done for me? March, 2013
The feral rich January, 2013
Internet showdown December, 2012
Bad medicine November, 2012
Protection racket June, 2012
Mental health May, 2012
Adapt or die April, 2012