The people united: Ada Colau arrives at a municipal elections rally. She was voted in as Mayor in 2015.Photo: David Ramos / Getty Images

Reclaiming the city

Progressive city governments in the Barcelona area have showed the world how turning back privatization is achievable at a local level. But there remain obstacles to be overcome, says Luke Stobart.

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NI 512 - Public ownership rises again - May, 2018
Catalan revolutionaries get ready for action to defend their revolution from Franco back in 1936. Barcelona at the time was famously described by George Orwell as ‘a town where the working class was in the saddle’.Photo: CNT

Homage to Catalonia

Recent events have thrust Catalonia into the global spotlight. Kevin Buckland tells the background story we don’t get to hear – about co-operatives, ‘fearless cities’ and the real challenges to authoritarian capitalism.

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NI 508 - Clampdown! Criminalizing dissent - December, 2017
Hilda Farfante was five years old when Franco’s henchmen killed her parents, whose pictures hang on the wall behind her.Photo: Mira Galanova

Franco's ghosts

The dictator’s victims are still waiting to see their torturers on trial – and time is running out. By Mira Galanova.

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NI 494 - Smiley-faced monopolists - July, 2016
Radical housing fix

Radical housing fix

Koren Helbig on a fairer, more equal way to solve Spain's homes crisis.

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NI 486 - The transgender revolution - October, 2015
Global frack-down

Global frack-down

Claire Fauset looks forward to a summer of resistance.

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NI 483 - Fundamentalism - Power, politics and persuasion - June, 2015

Action on banks - what you can do

How to get involved... and some inspiration from Spain.

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NI 482 - Global banking now - May, 2015
Stop evictions! Protesters signal their anger outside a bank in Barcelona.Manu Fernandez / AP Photo

Resisting evictions Spanish style

The fallout the property bubble is mass homelessness. Melissa García Lamarca records how public anger has galvanized the movement for housing justice.

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NI 461 - Demolition job - April, 2013
The economic crash has brought millions of Spanish people onto the streets.Iñaki Pérez de Albéniz, under a CC License.

Spain’s brain drain

Dan Hancox on the skilled young people who, after thirty years of Spanish democracy, are finding their options increasingly limited.

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NI 457 - Bad medicine - November, 2012
Paul, from Ghana,
sells on the streets
of Buenos Aires.Sebastiano Vitale

Frontline Africans: migrants hit by Europe's economic decline

What can African migrant workers do when faced with rising unemployment and racism in Europe? Sarah Babiker reports from Spain and Argentina.

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NI 450 - Time for a fair economy - March, 2012

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The Equality Effect July, 2017
Smiley-faced monopolists July, 2016
The transgender revolution October, 2015
Capitalism is spinning out of control July, 2015
Fundamentalism - Power, politics and persuasion June, 2015
Global banking now May, 2015
Cuba October, 2014
Cuba October, 2014
The politics of language loss June, 2014
Commodities - the pitfalls of resource wealth March, 2014
Time to rethink disability November, 2013
Demolition job April, 2013
Bad medicine November, 2012
Time for a fair economy March, 2012