President Bukele’s brutal crackdown on gangs and dissidents has seen one per cent of El Salvador’s population of six million put behind bars.Photo: Camilo Freedman/Sipa USA/Alamy Live News

Gold rush?

Rahila Gupta reports on arrests in El Salvador.

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NI 548 - South Africa 30 years later - March, 2024
Clockwise from top left: Gang leader Carlos Tiberio Valladares mirrored in his prison cell in Ciudad Barrios. At the time photographed, while the truce (see opposite) was still in operation, this prison was not only reserved for members of the Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) gang but was even run by them without guards. As the photo top right shows, 70 inmates live in cells designed for 20, with beds hanging from the ceiling due to the lack of floor space.  The photo bottom left shows police in the capital, San Salvador, searching members of the rival Barrio 18 gang. Bottom right: Valeria Michel Hercules is supported by friends on the way to the funeral of her stillborn child in the Las Victorias district of San Salvador.Photos by Adam Hinton/Panos Pictures

Country profile: El Salvador

Louisa Reynolds on a country of great inequality still struggling with a legacy of civil war.

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NI 487 - Paris climate summit - November, 2015

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