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Southern Exposure: Grace Baey

Highlighting the work of artists and photographers from the Majority World.

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NI 536 - Abolition - March, 2022
Despite her experiences in Singapore, Aneda is determined to work abroad again. ‘I want to go to Taiwan,’ she says.Photo: Nicolas Axelrod / Ruom

Too great a toll

Dreaming of a better future, some 700,000 Indonesians each year join the ranks of migrant workers abroad. But many face exploitation, abuse and deception at the hands of their employers. Michael Malay travelled to the West Javan province of Indramayu to talk to some of those who have returned.

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NI 480 - The great green energy grab - March, 2015

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Abolition March, 2022
The great green energy grab March, 2015