Breakfast in Berbera. A young man eats in a tea shop in one of Somaliland’s coastal towns, which is drawing in former pastoralists who are re-training as fishers.Tommy Trenchard/Panos

A taste of hope

With herders under threat from global heating in Somaliland, the government has hatched a plan to move millions to the coast. But can pastoralists adapt to fishing? Alice Rowsome and Yahye Xanas investigate.

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NI 532 - Courage and terror in Myanmar - July, 2021
Clockwise from top left: Hargeisa, the capital of Somaliland; a young woman plays basketball at Socsa (Somaliland Culture and Sports Association); a woman selling gold from a stall in Hargeisa market sits behind a display case; Ahmed Yusuf Yasin the former vice-president of Somaliland; and a bride before her wedding sitting with her bridesmaids.Photos by Liba Taylor / Panos Pictures.

Country Profile: Somaliland

Political gatherings will be met with heavy-handed security from state-owned paramilitary groups; and the independence of civil society and media will be greatly restricted. Claire Elder reports on the status of Somaliland.

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NI 506 - Brazil's soft coup - October, 2017

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Courage and terror in Myanmar July, 2021
Brazil's soft coup October, 2017