A rally to mark Defender of Ukraine Day, in Kiev, on 14 October 2017. Activists and supporters of the Azov, Svoboda (Freedom), Ukrainian nationalist parties and Right Sector took part.Photo: Gleb Garanich/Reuters

Who are you calling a nazi?

Vladimir Putin used ‘de-nazification’ as a bogus justification for Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine. Richard Swift and Conrad Landin examine the history of far-right currents in both countries.

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NI 538 - Rivers of life - July, 2022
Nightlife vs Nazis

Nightlife vs Nazis

Tbilisi’s clubbing scene is in the crosshairs of a war on culture led by reactionary elements in Georgia, opposed to its progressive ethos.

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NI 514 - The next financial crisis - July, 2018
On the frontline:  Members of the  All-Polish Women Strike blockade a far-right extremists’ march last August , in Warsaw.Photo: Janek Skarzynski/AFP/Getty Images

Polish women counter Nazis on the streets

Women are playing an essential part in fighting for civil rights in Poland, contributing to a shift in the country’s political agenda, writes Benedetta Leardini

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NI 506 - Brazil's soft coup - October, 2017

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