Photos and descriptions of missing loved ones, many thought to have been trafficked to India, cover a board at a border police station in Bhairahawa, Nepal. Once in India or overseas, it is extremely difficult for trafficked persons – a third of whom are children – to escape. They are usually held captive, do not know the language, cannot afford to travel home and in many cases are bonded to their captors by fabricated debt.Photo: Violeta Santos Moura

Spirited away

Violeta Santos Moura’s poignant photo-essay reveals the tragedy of Nepal’s human-trafficking crisis – and the courage of those fighting back.

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NI 530 - Democracy on the edge - March, 2021

And finally... Nahko

US singer-songwriter Nahko shares his experience of psychedelics, human trafficking and turning pain into positivity, with Graeme Green.

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NI 510 - Black Lives Matter - March, 2018
Grouper are protected for now. But at what cost?Photo: Matthew Oldfield

Who is Palau’s marine sanctuary really for?

Is Palau's marine reserve as good as it sounds – or a route to luxury tourism?

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NI 507 - Humans vs robots - November, 2017

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Democracy on the edge March, 2021
Black Lives Matter March, 2018
Humans vs robots November, 2017