Lesson under a tree. Showing photographs and talking about the differences between Britain and Burkina Faso to a class of schoolchildren in 1995.Photo: Claude Sauvageot

New Internationalist: the first 50 years – and the next

Chris Brazier looks back over a career as a co-editor that stretches back to 1984, remembering highlights and dark moments from Nicaragua to Vietnam, South Africa to Western Sahara and Burkina Faso.

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NI 531 - Vaccine equality - May, 2021
Protestors celebrate the removal of a statue of Cecil Rhodes from the University of Cape Town, April 2015.Photo: Desmond Bowles under a CC licence

Over the rainbow

A new generation of black activists in South Africa don’t have the ‘patience’ of their parents. Chris Webb looks at how the education system has become a flashpoint of struggle.

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NI 509 - What's left for the young? - January, 2018

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Vaccine equality May, 2021
What's left for the young? January, 2018