Get busy with it! Groups and campaigns fighting against global warming and supporting the poorest to adapt - a resource for Issue 451 of the April New Internationalist Adapt or die: how Bangladesh is facing up to climate change.

Climate Rush (UK)

Well behaved women seldom make history

Climate Justice Collective (UK)
Out of the ashes of Climate Camp...

Dirty Oil Sands (Canada)
Uncovering the Canadian oil sands disaster

It’s Getting Hot in Here
Dispatches from the youth climate movement

Tar sands network (UK)
Stopping the world's most destructive project

Building a global grassroots movement to solve the climate crisis

Rising Tide Australia (Oz)
Climate action in the world's biggest coal port


Climate debt campaign (World Development Movement)
Pushing polluters to pay for adaptation

Action for Climate Refugees (Environmental Justice Foundation)

International rights for displaced peoples

Stop Climate Chaos Coalition (UK)
Broad coalition of NGOs

Friends of the Earth International
The world's largest grassroots environmental network

Greenpeace International
Defending the world's environment

Focus on the Global South

Majority world advocacy and debate

National groups featured in Issue 451

Campaigning climate justice coalition

Supporting communities in the South West

Campaigns for rights of the poor in the South West

Hazel Healy