Illustration: Sarah John

When a house is not a home

On the matter of decent housing, the government turns a deaf ear to poorer citizens, while bending over backwards to help the wealthy. Lindsey Collen, who penned this column from 2006 to 2007, returns with a one-off letter.

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NI 497 - Peace in Colombia? Hope and fears - November, 2016
Vacant billboards as a metaphor for economic downturn.Lindsey Collen

Country Profile: Mauritius

Contradictions and extremes on an island country 'invented by colonization'.

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NI 461 - Demolition job - April, 2013
Another side of paradise ILLUSTRATION: Dominic Bugatto /

Another side of paradise

Class or culture – which has caused Mauritius the most upset? Lindsey Collen looks back.

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NI 422 - Multiculturalism - May, 2009

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Peace in Colombia? Hope and fears November, 2016
Demolition job April, 2013
Multiculturalism May, 2009