View of Ferizaj.Photo: Arianna Pagani

After Isis

Thousands of former ISIS foreign fighters and their families are held in Kurdish camps in Syria. Hundreds have escaped during the recent Turkish offensive. Most European countries refuse to repatriate them, but Kosovo is bringing its citizens home. Sara Manisera reports.

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NI 523 - Borders - Freedom to move, for everyone - January, 2020
A signpost for the clinic that was the hub for criminal activity.Photo: Visar Kryeziu/AP/Press Association Images

The Medicus affair

A report from Kosovo on the skullduggery of an international gang of medical criminals and the tortuous road to bring them to justice. By Selvije Bajrami.

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NI 472 - Organ trafficking - May, 2014

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Borders - Freedom to move, for everyone January, 2020
Love in the time of Ebola June, 2016
Organ trafficking May, 2014