Photo: Jorge Silva/Reuters

Laos still living with unexploded US bombs

Since the war ended in 1975, bombs have killed or maimed over 20,000 people, many of them children.

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NI 497 - Peace in Colombia? Hope and fears - November, 2016
Mr. Chak Kineesee, Program and Outreach Director at the Mekong School for Local Knowledge.Photo: © Gary Wocker

The Mekong River is not for sale!

The landscape, and the local peoples’ livelihood, have irrevocably changed, Gary Wockner reports in this photo essay.

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NI 493 - Love in the time of Ebola - June, 2016
The point of no return? Construction of the Xayaburi dam is well under way, despite fierce opposition.Photo: Tom Fawthrop

Madness on the Mekong

Tom Fawthrop reports from Southeast Asia, where a series of proposed dams could trigger a food crisis.

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NI 476 - Cuba - October, 2014

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Peace in Colombia? Hope and fears November, 2016
Love in the time of Ebola May, 2016
Cuba October, 2014