The expansion of fast-food brands in Africa is backed by powerful advertising such as this billboard on Kenyatta Avenue, a major street in the central business district of Nairobi, Kenya. The country is now home to 22 KFC outlets, which have paved the way for other international chains - Subway, Domino’s Pizza, Cold Stone Creamery - that are expanding into East Africa.Photo: Brian Inganga

When KFC came to Kenya

As Big Food spreads throughout the Global South using the tobacco playbook, Kabugi Mbae investigates the rise in obesity – and non-communicable diseases – in Kenya.

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NI 531 - Vaccine equality - May, 2021
Bleeding veggie burger

Bleeding veggie burger

Meat without ‘murder’ might seem a worthy goal, but even if most vegans did want to eat a convincing replica of the real thing, is it safe? Yohann Koshy reports on a new vegan food product from Silicon Valley.

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NI 507 - Humans vs robots - November, 2017

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