Night falls on Ranchi’s dreamers.Photo: Arun Dahiya/EyeEm/Getty

Small city, big dreams

India’s rapidly expanding cities attract young dreamers like magnets. Snigdha Poonam observes how the horizon of promise keeps receding in Ranchi.

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NI 520 - The right to the city - July, 2019

Uber drivers of the world, unite!

Internationalists should pay attention to the way modern capitalism is increasingly dependent on transnational supply chains and migrant workers. Notes from Below explain why.

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NI 518 - Building a new internationalism - March, 2019
Donald Trump greets workers on a tour of Carrier Corporation in Indianapolis, Indiana on 1 December 2016. Photo: Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post via Getty Images

When ‘America First’ is a corporate scam

A year ago, Trump announced he had reached a deal with manufacturer Carrier to keep jobs from moving to Mexico – with $7 million in incentives. Yet hundreds of workers were still laid off, the last of them this January. Trump’s policy should be called ‘Corporate America First’, argues Mark Engler.

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NI 510 - Black Lives Matter - March, 2018
Robocop for real, a police robot makes its debut in Dubai, May 2017. It will help citizens report crimes and answer parking ticket queries, rather than make arrests. 25 per cent of the Dubai police force will be robotic by 2030. Photo: Giuseppe Cacace/AFP/Getty Images

The age of disruption

Technology is changing society at breakneck speed but considerations of human impacts lag far behind. Dinyar Godrej sketches out some of the key political battles ahead.

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NI 507 - Humans vs robots - November, 2017

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The right to the city July, 2019
Building a new internationalism March, 2019
Black Lives Matter March, 2018
Humans vs robots November, 2017