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Written in stone

An indigenous movement in Jharkhand is reminding the Indian authorities of their constitutional duty to protect tribal lands. But the government is persecuting tribespeople for standing up. Rohini Mohan reports.

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NI 516 - The dirt on waste - November, 2018
Clockwise from top left: Smallholders forced off their land who have taken refuge in makeshift roadside huts; a street scene on Calle Mallorquín in Encarnación; giant otters on the Paraguay River; the Panteón de los Héroes at dusk in the capital, Asunción; a Mbya-Guaraní woman in her herb garden. All photos by Alamy Stock Photos: imageBroker; Thomas Cockrem; Barry Chapman; robertharding; Westend61GmbH.

Country Profile: Paraguay

Paraguayan democracy may have come a long way since the end of dictatorship, but terror is sweeping its agricultural heartlands where farmers and indigenous communities are resisting attempts to take away what little land they have left.

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NI 510 - Black Lives Matter - March, 2018
Cook Islands

Cook Islands

Black pearls, cruise ships and lively politics: Mary Warren gives the lowdown on the South Pacific atolls.

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NI 453 - Protection racket - June, 2012

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The dirt on waste November, 2018
Black Lives Matter March, 2018
Protection racket June, 2012