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"@newint are doing what a lot of publications fail to do – discussing Roma experiences & #humanrights, and giving a platform for Roma voices." - Fil Sys on Twitter

"Fantastic to see Left media like @newint diving deep into the contemporary persecution of Roma in Europe." - Sean Benstead on Twitter

Paying the piper

Re: ‘What if … we took money out of politics?’ (NI 535) The money that should be removed from politics is the donations from corporations and unions. It’s people who vote, so funding should only come from people. Put a $100 limit per person and that will force parties to off-load all the unnecessary hoopla surrounding elections and concentrate on what really counts: platforms and policies!

Terry McDonald via social media

It is mind boggling that bribing politicians – let’s call it ‘campaign funding’, or ‘lobbying’ – is legal.

Mark Enstone via social media


Re: ‘Introducing… Jonas Gahr Støre’ (NI 535) – rightwing economics and neo-Marxist on social policies. No change there then: that’s been the globalists’ policy that they’ve whipped almost all politicians into promoting or at least acquiescing to since Blair came in in 1997.

Richard Robinson via social media

Critical distinctions

Re: your review of The Transgender Issue (NI 535). Your reviewer writes that ‘the “gender critical” faction insist that biological sex is fixed at birth and gender cannot be changed’. My understanding is that biological sex is fixed at birth but that gender is fluid, changeable and open to choice. Only if we make this distinction can we both support anyone’s right to choose what gender to live and address the particular body, health and social issues that being born a woman brings. For example, it is extremely useful for medicine to have at last understood how differently women’s bodies process medication, manifest heart conditions, are susceptible to disease. Such recognition is vital to good healthcare.

It serves no good purpose to so muddy the waters of a debate where clarity, trust and balance are so much needed.

Annie Neligan Bentham, UK

One way…

Re: Agony Uncle, NI 534 on Covid-19 conspiracist thinking. ‘You might find that spreading these spurious ideas is his way of saying: “Pay attention to me”’ is such brilliant and useful advice – thanks for it.

Mark B

…or another

From my experience being brought up to believe all sorts of unconventional things, I’ve found that the only way out is through. They – or I, a couple of decades ago – feel as though they – we – have discovered something about the world which only a select few have grasped. So, the answer is not to argue, and entrench them further, it’s to ask sincere questions. Eventually, the accumulation of knowledge will reveal the inconsistencies of the theory.

Tom Denton via social media


In our Country Profile of Iraq (NI 535) we printed an older version of the Iraqi flag.

In View from Brazil, NI 535, an editing error credited Rio de Janeiro as being the country’s capital. It is of course Brasilia.

NI Editors

Why I...

...support migrant solidarity.

I’m a member of Thousand4£1000 (T4K), a very small charity of volunteers welcoming all migrants. T4K is determined to show that, as a community, Brighton & Hove can defy the deliberate attempts to criminalize people who want to cross our border, for whatever reason. Our principle focus is providing homes for people without leave to remain in the UK, or access to public funds. We are entirely dependent on the amazing generosity of local people who donate in their hundreds: some £1 (around $1.35) a month, others somewhat more, and some in-kind – for example by renting us a property at below the market rate. Together we can show some love and make a difference.

Sue Williams Brighton & Hove, UK