Rupert Murdoch at the world economic forum by Jean-Frederic
Rupert Murdoch at the world economic forum, used under Creative Commons licence, from Jean-Frédéric

We are excited to announce that Rupert Murdoch has today acquired New Internationalist magazine, as the "radical anti-capitalist" arm of his News International empire . 

 Speaking from his headquarters in a bunker deep under the Swiss Alps, Mister Murdoch said of the acquisition "I realized that what News International really lacked were any genuine independent dissenting voices, so I have acquired some". He went on to add "Actually this was a no-brainer, even the names sound almost the same --  New Int. I can't believe I didn't buy it sooner."

 There was some concern within the co-op that being owned by a monopolist billionaire might threaten our editorial independence, however dissent was quickly quelled by Mister Murdoch's generous financial package under which co-op members stand to make almost double their existing salaries.

 Co-op member Charlie Harvey said "We're excited to welcome Rupert, the insight that he brings to the table is that non-hierarchical working is essentially futile, something which was always difficult for the co-op to accept. He has also helped us to see that there is not any contradiction between believing in a just, sustainable, low impact world and being extremely well paid."

Update: You may want to check the date on this article

Charlie Harvey