A herder crosses Orkhon River with his team of horses, Ovorkhangai province, Mongolia.Photo: Tuul & Bruno Morandi/Getty

To reclaim minegolia

Unregulated mining has wreaked havoc on Mongolia’s waterways. A civil society movement to protect them is determined to make headway, despite facing an obstacle course. Anand Tumurtogoo reports.

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NI 538 - Rivers of life - July, 2022
Clockwise from top left: Wealthier nomads visit the capital on holiday, or retire there; the old and the new (and, until recently, the incessant construction) in the Ulaanbaatar skyline; a metal colossus celebrating the construction of the Darkhan Metallurgical Plant; a Mongolian hero of World War Two feeds pigeons in the streets of Ulaanbaatar; but the traditional life on the steppes goes on, as Degi demonstrates how he practises horse riding.Photos by Christopher Simons

Country Profile: Mongolia

Times are hard. High unemployment, rampant inflation and a collapse in the value of the tugrik, reports Tina Burrett and Christopher Simons.

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NI 505 - Bad Education - September, 2017
Mongolian herder Doljin Byambasurengiin lost more than 200 livestock to this year’s winter disaster.Photo: Madoka Ikegami

Mongolia’s dzud disaster

Plunging temperatures test the survival skills of the country’s nomadic herders, as this photo essay by Madoka Ikegami shows.

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NI 493 - Love in the time of Ebola - June, 2016
Taking a break: a young woman has some fun with her nieces after milking her grandmother’s goats and cows. The land and livelihoods of nomadic herders are threatened by environmental damage from mining.

Waiting for Chinggis

Some Mongolians believe their warrior-hero will return from the dead in 2027 to restore their country. Others aren’t willing to wait that long – and are taking on modern-day menaces themselves. Tina Burrett and Christopher Simons discover a nomadic people fighting for their past, and future.

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NI 460 - What has development done for me? - March, 2013

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What has development done for me? March, 2013