The dictator and his public: Kim Jong-un does the rounds.

Worldbeaters: The Kim Family

Kim Jong-un's headline grabbing aggressive irrationalism takes some beating (though he might have met his match in recent times...)

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NI 503 - Homelessness - June, 2017
Top left: A view of the capital, Pyongyang, showing schoolchildren practising for the National Day parade in Kim Il-Sung Square, with the Juche Tower and a large new LCD screen in the distance.  Top right: A woman from a rural workgroup just north of Pyongyang. Bottom right: Performing for foreign visitors in a rural kindergarten. Bottom left: A typical propaganda image – most North Koreans retain the sense that their leaders are admired abroad as well as at home.

Country profile: North Korea

Aidan Foster-Carter looks beyond the clichés of the secretive state.

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NI 488 - 10 economic myths - December, 2015

Inside North Korea

A rare glimpse into the world’s most secretive country, by French aid worker Jérôme Bossuet who spent three years there.

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NI 421 - Put people first - April, 2009

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Homelessness June, 2017
10 economic myths December, 2015
Put people first April, 2009