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'The goal should be to encourage people to think for themselves'

Noam Chomsky is a renowned linguist, the author of an abundance of books and arguably the most famous dissident intellectual in the United States. He talks to Andy Heintz about US exceptionalism, the best way to approach North Korea and the truth about ‘free trade agreements’.

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NI 510 - Black Lives Matter - March, 2018
The dictator and his public: Kim Jong-un does the rounds.Photo: KCNA/Xinhua/Alamy Live News

Worldbeaters: The Kim Family

Kim Jong-un's headline grabbing aggressive irrationalism takes some beating (though he might have met his match in recent times...)

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NI 503 - Homelessness - June, 2017
Top left: A view of the capital, Pyongyang, showing schoolchildren practising for the National Day parade in Kim Il-Sung Square, with the Juche Tower and a large new LCD screen in the distance.  Top right: A woman from a rural workgroup just north of Pyongyang. Bottom right: Performing for foreign visitors in a rural kindergarten. Bottom left: A typical propaganda image – most North Koreans retain the sense that their leaders are admired abroad as well as at home.Photos by Christian Petersen-Clausen.

Country profile: North Korea

Aidan Foster-Carter looks beyond the clichés of the secretive state.

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NI 488 - 10 economic myths - December, 2015
Whistle while you work: an orchestra plays patriotic songs to motivate the workers at the polder site. Photo: Alina Paul/Jérôme Bossuet

Inside North Korea

A rare glimpse into the world’s most secretive country, by French aid worker Jérôme Bossuet who spent three years there.

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NI 421 - Put people first - April, 2009

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Black Lives Matter March, 2018
Homelessness June, 2017
10 economic myths December, 2015
Put people first April, 2009