Photos, clockwise from top left: Adham playing on the rooftops in the capital, Amman; mother and children at the Zaatari Camp for refugees from Syria; queuing up for school, also in the Zaatari Camp; a roadside market for fruit and vegetables in the Red Sea port of Aqaba.Photos: Chris de Bode; Abbie Trayler-Smith x2; Ivor Prickett.

Country Profile: Jordan

Jordan is nominally a constitutional monarchy with regular national and local elections. However, the façade of democracy is thin. Zoe Holman profiles the country.

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NI 515 - Making peace in a world at war - September, 2018
Photo: Matt Allen

Making Waves: Catherine Shovlin

Thanks to the efforts of Catherine Shovlin, a Syrian refugee camp is building a community spirit. Florence Derrick meets her.

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NI 502 - West Papua - Freedom in sight? - May, 2017
Lady Justice is a familiar London landmark – but justice for those accused of terrorism offences is not so easily found.James Cridland under a CC Licence

Abu Qatada: when the net tightens on justice

Britain's counter-terrorism policy is undermining the rule of law, argues Simon Crowther.

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NI 453 - Protection racket - June, 2012

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Making peace in a world at war September, 2018
West Papua - Freedom in sight? May, 2017
Protection racket June, 2012