Armenia: go, go, eco-rangers

Eco House, a project launched 18 months ago in Dilijan to stop illegal deforestation.

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NI 520 - The right to the city - July, 2019
Snap parliamentary elections were held in Armenia on 9 December 2018, as none of the parties in the National Assembly were able to put forward and then elect a candidate for Prime Minister in the two-week period following Nikol Pashinyan's resignation on 16 October 2018.

Armenia: Free and fair poll

Joe Nerssessian reports on a new 'revolutionary majority' stirring up change in Armenia's parliament.

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NI 517 - Trade in Turmoil - January, 2019
Last year’s winners, Azerbaijan
– creating more of a furore than
they could have imagined.AP Photo / Frank Augstein

Eurovision re-opens old wounds in the Caucasus

Azerbaijan's hosting of the event on 26 May has caused tensions in the region as Armenia pulls out.

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NI 452 - Mental health - May, 2012
Stallholders at the spice, vegetable and fruit market in Yerevan. Rita Willaert (under a Creative Commons licence)


Facts, figures and ratings in our latest country profile.

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NI 445 - Pakistan - daring to hope - September, 2011

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Mental health May, 2012
Pakistan - daring to hope September, 2011