In this month’s podcast, our friends at the Tax Justice Network ask ‘is the US president really serious about tackling corruption in the finance sector?’ And, ‘are the presidential candidates?’ Now these politicians can prove it. Bank Whistleblowers United tell us how they can restore the rule of law to Wall Street and avoid the next financial crisis in 60 days without any new legislation. Plus: why a wave of tax amnesties is likely to sweep across the world (how does 1 per cent tax and immunity from prosecution sound?) and what the very first transparency data on banks exposes about how they do business.

‘It doesn’t matter what the rules are if you put people in charge who are committed to not enforcing the rules...not a single banking leader of the three fraud epidemics that drove the US financial crisis and much of the global financial crisis has been prosecuted for leading those fraud schemes, not one,’ says William Black, of Bank Whistleblowers United.

Also mentioned in this month's podcast: Democracy Spring, a mass nonviolent action on a historic scale ‘to save US democracy’ in April 2016, Washington DC. More details on

Naomi Fowler