Big Bad World - Onlinenacht

The latest offering from cartoonist Polyp.

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NI 498 - The coming war on China - December, 2016

Big Bad World

Polyp's cartoon from the November edition of New Internationalist magazine.

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NI 497 - Peace in Colombia? Hope and fears - November, 2016

Big Bad World - Gaia and her children

Gaia laments her children’s shortsightedness in a one-page cartoon special from Polyp.

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NI 482 - Global banking now - May, 2015

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The coming war on China December, 2016
Peace in Colombia? Hope and fears November, 2016
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Technology justice May, 2016
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Paris climate summit November, 2015
The transgender revolution October, 2015
Syria’s good guys - Inside a forgotten revolution September, 2015
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Global banking now May, 2015
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Democracy in the digital era January, 2015
NGOs - Do they help? December, 2014