The lives behind the label

The lives behind the label

Bangladesh is home to almost five million garment workers, making it the second largest manufacturer of garments in the world. Its factory workers make the clothes we wear every day. Meet the humans behind the big clothing brand labels.

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NI 508 - Clampdown! Criminalizing dissent - December, 2017

The rich, the poor and the earth

While it is clear that equality matters in terms of health and happiness, surprising new data reveals that it is also better for the environment – in the more equal rich countries, people on average consume less, produce less waste and emit less carbon.

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NI 504 - The Equality Effect - July, 2017
NEAL LAWSON is Chair of the good society group Compass and the author of All Consuming (Penguin, 2009). He serves on the boards of UK Feminista and We Own It, is a contributing editor to the journal Renewal and is an associate member at the Bauman Institute at Leeds University.

Argument: Can shopping be a form of activism?

Neal Lawson and Ruth Potts, both campaigners and writers, go head-to-head.

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NI 463 - Argentina's challenge - June, 2013
Activists outside a London
store award Nike the title
of ‘biggest cheat’ for using
exploited women workers
in its factories abroad.UK Feminista

Feminists target Nike ahead of the Olympics

Nick Harvey reports on a campaign to expose sportswear firms who exploit women workers while boasting Olympic values.

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NI 453 - Protection racket - June, 2012
Dying for the things we love

Dying for the things we love

Consumer culture is collective insanity and driving us to destruction, says clinical psychologist John F Schumaker.

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NI 452 - Mental health - May, 2012
 Essay: Deindustrializing humanity

Essay: Deindustrializing humanity

Neither humanity nor nature are commodities. It’s time the old ideology was dissolved, writes Jeremy Seabrook.

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NI 451 - Adapt or die - April, 2012

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Clampdown! Criminalizing dissent December, 2017
The Equality Effect July, 2017
Argentina's challenge June, 2013
Protection racket June, 2012
Mental health May, 2012
Adapt or die April, 2012