Diaspora rising: Ethiopian Tigrayan women demonstrate in Trafalgar Square, London, against the escalations in violence in the province of Tigray.Photo: Rod Olukoya/Alamy

No respite

Three years on from the peace deal, the border between the two countries is closed again, despite cordial relations.

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NI 532 - Courage and terror in Myanmar - July, 2021
Photos, clockwise from top left: Children at the Deari elementary school in Keren; portrait of Meriem Mohammed Omer, a former practitioner of female genital mutilation who now advocates against the practice and is proud that all her granddaughters are uncut; Adanesh Gebrehiwo serves lunch to some of the 12 children living in a group home for orphans in Keren; a dry valley in the province of Anseba.Photo: GIACOMO PIROZZI/PANOS

Country profile: Eritrea

Eritrea, an abbreviation of Red Sea in Latin (Mare Erythraeum), was carved out of east Africa by the Italians.

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NI 519 - How to avoid climate breakdown - May, 2019
Isaias Afwerki

Worldbeater: Isaias Afwerki

We put the track record of Isaias Afwerki, President of Eritrea – and a liberation fighter turned ruthless dictator – under the spotlight.

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NI 514 - The next financial crisis - July, 2018
An Eritrean teenager stuck in Shagarab refugee camp, Sudan. Is EU money keeping him there?Photo: Sally Hayden

Between Sudan and a hard place

Eritrean refugees who try to escape into neighbouring Sudan are caught up in a deadly stand-off between East Africa’s big powers – as European Union (EU) money aimed at keeping them there continues to roll in all the while writes Sally Hayden.

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NI 510 - Black Lives Matter - March, 2018
Eritrea's wretched independence

Eritrea's wretched independence

The country's 30-year war with Ethiopia has been followed by 21 years of repression, says Saleh 'Gadi' Johar.

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NI 452 - Mental health - May, 2012
Photo by Jenny Matthews / panos


The country, once one of Italy’s few colonial possessions, covers an 800-kilometre strip along Africa’s Red Sea coast, stretching from Sudan in the north to Djibouti in the south.

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NI 428 - Welcome to Copenhagen! - December, 2009

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