Muhammad and Ansa Munawar lost their 17-year-old son, Waleed, in the May 2010 attacks on two Ahmadi mosques in Lahore. Their respective fathers were both killed in religiously motivated attacks in the 1980s.

A question of belief

Persecuted in Pakistan for being 'non-Muslim', the Ahmadi community has sought refuge abroad. But intolerance is not easily escaped, as Samira Shackle discovers.

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NI 471 - The war on whistleblowers - April, 2014
Three generations of a Tamil family internally displaced.

Crude triumphalism in Sri Lanka

On the eve of the Commonwealth summit in Colombo, Lewis Garland reports on the insidious disempowerment of the country's Tamil community.

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NI 468 - Fracking - the gathering storm - December, 2013
A community under
siege: Bedouin face
threats of evacuation,
house demolition, travel
restrictions and harassment
on a daily basis.

Israel evicts Bedouin villagers

More than 30,000 Bedouin, which the Israeli government call 'squatters', face eviction to make way for settlements, reports Libby Powell.

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NI 449 - Haiti two years on - January, 2012
Photo: Bazuki Muhammad / REUTERS

Into the vortex of identity

With Dinyar Godrej, whose personal journey as an immigrant reveals some of the faultlines of multiculturalism, making the case for looking beneath the smokescreen of ‘culture clash’.

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NI 422 - Multiculturalism - May, 2009

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Organ trafficking May, 2014
The war on whistleblowers April, 2014
Fracking - the gathering storm December, 2013
Haiti two years on January, 2012
Multiculturalism May, 2009