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This month we review The Growth Delusion, by David Pilling; The White City, by Roma Tearne; The Unmapped Country, by Ann Quin; and Old Demons, New Deities, edited by Tenzin Dickie.

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NI 509 - What's left for the young? - January, 2018
Our words: trainee monks read Tibetan holy texts.Photo: Free Tibet

In defence of Tibet's mother tongue

Tibetan faces rapid urbanization, dwindling numbers of native speakers, and the even greater threat of Chinese policies, writes Sam Wylde.

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NI 502 - West Papua - Freedom in sight? - May, 2017
Torture tactics in Tibet

Torture tactics in Tibet

Emily Korstanje reports on China's treatment of political prisoners.

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NI 492 - Technology justice - May, 2016
Last resort: Tibetan exile Jampa Yeshi sets himself on fire in protest at a visit to New Delhi of Chinese president Hu Jintao in March.Photo: Manish Swarup / AP / Press Association Images

Heroism or desperation?

Self-immolation by Tibetan protesters is becoming an all-too-familiar sight. Dibyesh Anand considers the reasons why.

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NI 454 - Co-operatives - July, 2012
Exiles in Manali, India, mount a hunger strike in protest at Chinese repression.Photo: Nick Harvey

Tibet: 50 years from home

It is half a century since the Dalai Lama and thousands of other Tibetans were forced into exile by the Chinese occupation. Nick Harvey talks to exiles young and old about their hopes for their country.

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NI 420 - Mothers who die - March, 2009

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Article title From magazine Publication date
What's left for the young? January, 2018
West Papua - Freedom in sight? May, 2017
Technology justice May, 2016
Co-operatives July, 2012
Mothers who die March, 2009
Mothers who die March, 2009