Clockwise from top left: A queue at a food market in Caracas where prices are subsidized and regulated by the government; an armed guard in front of storage tanks at the world’s largest oil refinery in Punto Fijo; a fishing boat steers through the Anacystis algal blooms on Lake Maracaibo; a Cuban doctor measuring blood pressure in Caracas – one of thousands of Cubans employed out of oil revenues to improve healthcare for the poor; a family reads while awaiting relocation from a house in Ciudad Ojeda damaged by subsidence following oil exploration.Photos: Piet den Blanken / Panos Pictures

Country Profile: Venezuela

The national government’s prioritizing of the poor and working majority over business elites remains consistent, if less effective – lately with more talk than action.

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NI 497 - Peace in Colombia? Hope and fears - November, 2016
Grassroots growers in Venezuela

Grassroots growers in Venezuela

Three years of inflation and chronic shortages of basic foods have hit Venezuelans hard. Tamara Pearson reports.

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NI 495 - Trade unions - rebuild, renew, resist - September, 2016
Community members working in the La Columna community garden, Merida, Venezuela.Photo by Tamara Pearson

In Venezuela's difficult times the grassroots are stronger

The time has come for rural communities to play an important role in the country, reports Tamara Pearson.

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NI 494 - Smiley-faced monopolists - July, 2016

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Peace in Colombia? Hope and fears November, 2016
Trade unions - rebuild, renew, resist September, 2016
Smiley-faced monopolists July, 2016
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