The production line today at IMPA – the recuperated factory that inspired hundreds of others.Julio Etchart

Who needs a boss?

Vanessa Baird reports on how Argentinean workers took over failing and bankrupt enterprises – and have kept them going.

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NI 463 - Argentina's challenge - June, 2013
Jeju Island’s beauty is
threatened by a new
naval base.Justin Ornellas under a CC Licence

Defending Korea’s peace island

South Korean villagers are campaigning to keep a military base off the pristine Jeju island, reports Chloe Simons.

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NI 453 - Protection racket - June, 2012
Since the death of Steve Jobs, allegations have surfaced accusing Apple of exploiting it's workers. Under a CC Licence

The unpalatable reality of working for Apple

A fresh wave of reports unveiling exploitation in the iPad empire are forcing Apple to clean up up its act, reports Mark Engler.

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NI 451 - Adapt or die - April, 2012
Palm trees in the snow Alex Habermehl; (Bill O'Reilly); Eccentric Scholar (palm trees) both under a CC Licence.

Palm trees in the snow

There are no palm trees in Wisconsin – but there’s a red-faced newsreader at Fox News.

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NI 443 - The far right gets respectable - June, 2011
Whose miracle?

Whose miracle?

An epic migration to the cities has been responsible for China’s turbocharged economic performance. But, as Richard Swift explains, the cost for many workers has been too great and they refuse to be quiet any longer.

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NI 441 - China - makers of the miracle - April, 2011
A shopper at one of Mondragón Co-operative's Eroski supermarkets in Spain picks peppersPhoto: Mondragon

Working together

A common vision has joined two major players in the labour and co-op movements. Erbin Crowell considers the implications.

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NI 435 - Seed savers - September, 2010

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Argentina's challenge June, 2013
Protection racket June, 2012
Adapt or die April, 2012
The far right gets respectable June, 2011
China - makers of the miracle April, 2011
Seed savers September, 2010