Sanctuary boroughs

Sanctuary boroughs

A community group is campaigning to turn the London borough of Haringey into a safer place for migrants. Charlotte England reports.

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NI 512 - Public ownership rises again - May, 2018
Clockwise from top left: Aerial photograph of the luxury Ritz Carlton resort near Manama, with the skyline of the capital in the distance; a Bahraini law student – there are more opportunities for women than in neighbouring Saudi Arabia; locals horse riding in the desert; a demonstration by Bahrainis in London demanding democratic rights in their country; the modern souk in Manama.All photos from Alamy; photographers from top left: Ben Nicholson, Michael Austen, Giuseppe Masci, Peter Wheeler, Jack Malipan.

Country Profile: Bahrain

The West finds much to celebrate about the country, but it has the largest prison population in the Middle East and world’s highest per-capita use of teargas. Zoe Holman reports on the state of Bahrain.

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NI 508 - Clampdown! Criminalizing dissent - December, 2017
Packed in: at an overcrowded California prison, inmates are housed in the gym.Lucy Nicholson / Reuters

America: Life in Prison Nation

Around 2.3 million US citizens are behind bars - a number that dwarfs any other country, reports Mark Engler.

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NI 446 - Nature's defenders - October, 2011
Razorwiretopped fences in the Camp Six detention facility at US Naval Station, Guantánamo. Photo: Mandel Ngan / REUTERS

Guantánamo: Both Sides of the Wire

Rowenna Davis meets a guard and an inmate from the notorious US prison camp in Cuba.

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NI 420 - Mothers who die - March, 2009

Inside China’s prisons

It’s difficult to know for sure how many political prisoners there currently are in China, but it’s safe to say that there are thousands of them.

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NI 413 - Viva Yasuní! Life vs Big Oil - July, 2008

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Public ownership rises again May, 2018
Clampdown! Criminalizing dissent December, 2017
Nature's defenders October, 2011
Mothers who die March, 2009
Viva Yasuní! Life vs Big Oil July, 2008