Shut up

Shut up

Report on criminalizing protest in Vietnam by Alessio Perrone.

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NI 544 - Palestine - July, 2023
Illustration: ILYA

‘Britain’s Vietnam’

The Malayan Emergency and Batang Kali massacre by Ilya.

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NI 540 - Land rights - November, 2022
Lesson under a tree. Showing photographs and talking about the differences between Britain and Burkina Faso to a class of schoolchildren in 1995.Photo: Claude Sauvageot

New Internationalist: the first 50 years – and the next

Chris Brazier looks back over a career as a co-editor that stretches back to 1984, remembering highlights and dark moments from Nicaragua to Vietnam, South Africa to Western Sahara and Burkina Faso.

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NI 531 - Vaccine equality - May, 2021
‘…cutting branches, cutting down entire trunks… this is all illegal’ – a sign in Mondulkiri province, Cambodia alerts people to the dangers of participating in illicit logging. Photo: Bjorn Svensson/Alamy

Vietnam: green fingers

Jack Davies reports on the EU's failure to do due diligence to prevent illegal timber trading between Vietnam and Cambodia.

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NI 519 - How to avoid climate breakdown - May, 2019
Photos, clockwise from top left: A woman transports containers of raw latex on a motocycle in a rubber plantation in Kon Tum; preparing fishing nets on Vung Tau beach; spinning in a silk factory in Dalat; counting banknotes at a fruit market in Ho Chi Minh City.Photos: PASCAL DELOCHE/PANOS

Country Profile: Vietnam

The Vietnam of yesteryear that many Westerners use as a reference point for the nation is long outdated, writes Bennett Murray.

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NI 516 - The dirt on waste - November, 2018
Migrant workers join Hong Kong dockworkers in a protest for better working conditions. Though Hong Kong has more progressive labour laws than China, trade unionists still face discrimination and there is no law protecting the right to collective bargaining.Photo: Robert SC Kemp/Alamy Stock Photo

Taking matters into their own hands

Labour rights in post-socialist countries such as Russia, China and Vietnam are being fought for from outside, not within, official trade unions. Tim Pringle reports.

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NI 495 - Trade unions - rebuild, renew, resist - September, 2016
Mr. Chak Kineesee, Program and Outreach Director at the Mekong School for Local Knowledge.Photo: © Gary Wocker

The Mekong River is not for sale!

The landscape, and the local peoples’ livelihood, have irrevocably changed, Gary Wockner reports in this photo essay.

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NI 493 - Love in the time of Ebola - June, 2016
The point of no return? Construction of the Xayaburi dam is well under way, despite fierce opposition.Photo: Tom Fawthrop

Madness on the Mekong

Tom Fawthrop reports from Southeast Asia, where a series of proposed dams could trigger a food crisis.

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NI 476 - Cuba - October, 2014

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Palestine July, 2023
Land rights November, 2022
Vaccine equality May, 2021
How to avoid climate breakdown May, 2019
The dirt on waste November, 2018
Trade unions - rebuild, renew, resist September, 2016
Love in the time of Ebola May, 2016
Cuba October, 2014
Time to rethink disability November, 2013
World food crisis March, 1973