Images from Algiers of the demonstrations marking the first anniversary of the Hirak, 22 February 2020, before the pandemic brought a halt to such mass gatherings. The cake proclaims that the regime (système) has to move (dégage), a popular slogan of the protests.Photos: Riad Kaced

‘The people want independence!’

The Covid-19 pandemic may have put Algeria’s revolutionary uprising temporarily on hold, but, as Hamza Hamouchene observes, the will to topple the military regime remains strong.

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NI 527 - Covid-19 lessons from the pandemic - September, 2020
In the vicinity of Tamgut, Kabylia, every flat piece of land is used as a football field.Photo: Reza/Getty

The away team

Alessio Perrone reports on Algeria’s marginalized Kabylia region, where the politics of identity has spilled over into football.

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NI 511 - Humanitarianism under attack - April, 2018
Clockwise from top right: The Great Mosque of Algiers, which will contain the world’s tallest minaret, is being constructed in Mohammedia, near the capital, while an older mosque looks on; Nabila Ounas and her son in their new, government-supplied apartment in Cite Kourifa, 20 miles from Algiers; a man walks past a mural commemorating the war of independence against France;  satellite dishes cling to the external wall of a tenement building called ‘Les Dunes’, said to be the longest building in Algiers; donkeys transport rubbish from the casbah in Algiers through the narrow streets.Photos by Andrew Testa / Panos Pictures

Country Profile: Algeria

Power rests in the hands of a corrupt military and political oligarchy that denies people the right to self-determination, reports Hamza Hamouchene.

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NI 503 - Homelessness - June, 2017
Yasmina Khadra E Robert-Espalieu

And finally... Yasmina Khadra

Algerian author Mohammed Moulessehoul tells Graeme Green why he writes under his wife's name of Yasmina Khadra.

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NI 480 - The great green energy grab - March, 2015
The Ivanpah solar concentrating power station in California. Coming soon to the Sahara?Photo: Ashley Cooper pics / Alamy

Desertec: the renewable energy grab?

Desert solar plants planned for North Africa are just another exploitative resource grab, argues Hamza Hamouchene.

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NI 480 - The great green energy grab - March, 2015
Weapons allegedly used by the terrorists and confiscated by the Algerian security forces.AP / Press Association Images

Algerian gas plant terror: the real story

Used to justify Western military in North Africa, we have not been told the truth about the Tiguentourine attack reveals Jeremy Keenan.

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NI 461 - Demolition job - April, 2013

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