Canadian soldiers are reflected in a mirror hanging on a mud wall inside Canada’s Strong Point West base in the Kandahar province of Afghanistan.Reuters / Tim McKulka / UNMIS Handout

Canada quits Afghanistan, almost

Canadian troops are withdrawing from Afghanistan this month. In theory, at least, reports Wayne Ellwood.

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NI 444 - The changing face of masculinity - July, 2011
Warning: drink at your peril! Tap water drawn from aquifers that have been contaminated by fracking is so full of toxic chemicals that it can be set

Fracking the world

Hydraulic fracturing, or ‘fracking’ – Big Oil’s newest way to extract natural gas from an exhausted planet – comes with a terrible environmental price tag. Joyce Nelson digs deeper.

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NI 442 - Climate change denial - May, 2011
Stop the tar sands trade talks

Stop the tar sands trade talks

A protest against opening the EU's doors to Canada's polluting tar sands

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NI 440 - Up in arms - March, 2011
Eviction chronicles human rights abuses in Guatemala.JAMES RODRIGUEZ /

Cook feels the heat

Canadian ambassador to Guatemala guilty of slander

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NI 435 - Seed savers - September, 2010
Taking on Tarmageddon

Taking on Tarmageddon

The international campaign to shut down the tar sands is shaping up to be an iconic battle, reports Jess Worth.

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NI 431 - Bloody oil - shut down the tar sands! - April, 2010
Canadian indigenous activist Clayton Thomas-Muller (right) leads the tar sands protest through London’s Trafalgar Square with a traditional song. Lionel Lepine (left) carries the banner.Photo by *Mike Russell*.

Bloody oil

Canadian First Nations internationalize their struggle against the most destructive project on earth

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NI 427 - Terror takeover - November, 2009
No room for bigots ILLUSTRATION: Stephen Munday /

No room for bigots

Canadian multiculturalism is in rude health and has licked the kinds of problems that crop up in other countries. Haroon Siddiqui explains how.

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NI 422 - Multiculturalism - May, 2009

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Climate change denial May, 2011
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Seed savers September, 2010
Bloody oil - shut down the tar sands! April, 2010
Terror takeover November, 2009
Multiculturalism May, 2009